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Career opportunities at swcomms

swcomms is embarking on a rapid growth journey and we are looking to recruit new people to join us with exciting career opportunities sales and technical specialists.
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Are all school web filtering solutions the same?

In this article, we look at school web and content filtering solutions ahead of the 2022/23 academic year and the reasons why schools may decide to change their web filtering solution provider. We also consider how difficult it is to protect students from being exposed to harmful and unsuitable content and to recognise that web content filtering solutions for schools need to evolve to keep pace with new web pages, videos, articles etc. that are being created every day.


We have worked with swcomms for many years and during this time Axminster Tools has enjoyed an excellent and professional working relationship.


From the design stage through to installation and training, swcomms has been excellent. The new phone system is a vast improvement and provides a high level of redundancy, which is critical to our operation.

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