Working from home during lockdown

With the UK heading into lockdown yet again, we hope our guide will help your business stay productive and profitable with advice on the services and solutions that support successful home working.

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What to consider when changing your phone system

When looking to change your phone system, there are a number of factors you need to consider, starting with your current working environment. This will have changed radically for many people since March 2020, although most businesses will still have some form of headquarters or office space even if they have remote working staff.

In the office, the core requirements that you need to assess are your local area network and internet connection to see if they have the capacity to support telephone calls. It will be important to prioritise voice over non real-time traffic on your network to ensure the quality of your calls. You will need to know if your network switches can provide power for handsets and with an ever-growing need for more and more internet connectivity, you will need to ascertain if there is enough spare capacity to use existing connections for voice.


We have worked with swcomms for many years and during this time Axminster Tools has enjoyed an excellent and professional working relationship.


From the design stage through to installation and training, swcomms has been excellent. The new phone system is a vast improvement and provides a high level of redundancy, which is critical to our operation.

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