Working from home during lockdown

With the UK heading into lockdown yet again, we hope our guide will help your business stay productive and profitable with advice on the services and solutions that support successful home working.

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Why 4G could be critical for remote workers

I had a fault on my broadband last week, whereby it kept dropping out while I was working. I logged it with our provider and Openreach duly arrived this week to discover that although the line from my house was fine, the line running up the pole had corroded and had to be replaced.

Like many others, I am currently working from home due to the third lockdown and working without internet connectivity is not an option! Fortunately, I was able to use 4G to ensure I stayed connected online. I have 100GB of data allowance on my personal phone contract, so was able to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. I used around 8GB of data in two days so I could still access my email, attend video meetings and internet-based services, such as the virtual private network that connects my laptop to the servers at work.


We have worked with swcomms for many years and during this time Axminster Tools has enjoyed an excellent and professional working relationship.


From the design stage through to installation and training, swcomms has been excellent. The new phone system is a vast improvement and provides a high level of redundancy, which is critical to our operation.

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