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Why are schools more susceptible to ransomware attacks?

A recent cyber-attack on a school in Bedfordshire destroyed a significant amount of coursework completed by students who had just returned to the classrooms after the January lockdown. The school is still investigating the penetration point of the attack, but they are sure that this was the result of ransomware. Luckily, the school stored student personal data on a different server, but this attack highlights the need for enhanced cyber security, as well as content monitoring to spot any threats and stop them before they infect IT systems.

The University of Northampton was hit by a cyber-attack last month that not only disrupted their IT services, but also their telephone system too. All the services the university rely on, such as the student intranet and coursework upload system, were unavailable and created havoc for days.

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We have worked with swcomms for many years and during this time Axminster Tools has enjoyed an excellent and professional working relationship.


From the design stage through to installation and training, swcomms has been excellent. The new phone system is a vast improvement and provides a high level of redundancy, which is critical to our operation.

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