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Cost control and call logging


Every business is keen to save money and control costs. We can provide a range of business telephony solutions that will achieve just this while offering an improved service to your customers too.

The first step is to give control back to our customers by providing them with a user-friendly, efficient system management software platform to eradicate the need to call out engineering resource to make day to day system programming changes. This will reduce ongoing revenue costs and provide a more responsive facility to meet the day to day changing needs of your business.

Additional software can also be provided for call logging purposes to provide reports for call traffic analysis and management.

Reports can be produced on inbound and outbound call traffic in order that calls can be allocated to extension users and departments for detailed analysis and cost allocation. Operator and extension response times can also be monitored, detailing call answer times, lost calls, etc ensuring that calls are being answered and processed quickly and efficiently and that calls are not being lost during peak hours.

Account codes allow you to attribute outgoing call costs to particular customers by simply inputting an account code at anytime throughout the call. Account codes can also be used for tracking the success of a sales campaign or other activity generating call traffic.

Many organisations wish to control unrestricted access to more expensive call destinations (such as to premium rate numbers, mobiles, international numbers, etc) yet they still need to give staff access to specific expensive destinations for business purposes.

Call barring provides extension users with a class of service and is a further way of controlling costs at an extension level depending on time of day.

Aside from controlling costs, we can also provide you with the ability to record telephone conversations. This can be a critical tool whether used for staff training to improve customer service or to resolve customer disputes, enhance employee productivity and meet legal and contractual call recording obligations.

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