Prepare for the coronavirus

With the cases of coronavirus continuing to rise in the UK, businesses need to prepare for staff being quarantined in their homes. It is critical that businesses remain operational.


A business continuity plan will help businesses prepare for unforeseen circumstances like this when employees cannot make the journey into work.


Our checklist will help you decide if you are prepared or not:

  • Can your staff access email from anywhere?
  • Can you securely share business documents?
  • Can you carry out video meetings instead of face-to-face appointments?
  • Do your staff have a method of making and receiving secure telephone calls remotely through your telephone system?
  • Do you know how to divert your telephone system to external numbers?
  • Can you access your desktop or important information so staff can do their jobs remotely?
  • Does your current business internet connection support your home workers?
  • Are your corporate documents secure when accessed on a home network?


Home working solutions include:

Telephone systems
Cloud-hosted telephone systems offer flexibility for home and mobile workers with handset twinning for desk phones and mobile devices. Subject to power supply and router configuration, you can take a handset home to use as if you were in the office. Diverts can also be easily set up for incoming calls to go to other branches or mobile devices.


Unified communications apps
Unified communications apps offer softphone capabilities, easy messaging, desktop screen-sharing and conferencing between employees. We currently offer Microsoft Teams, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Rainbow and Gamma’s Collaborate.


Subscription services
Services like Microsoft Office 365 ensures staff can work on multiple devices. They can download the application on their PCs at home so they can use Word, Excel, etc. as if they were at work. They can receive Outlook emails on these devices too, enjoy OneDrive cloud storage for files and SharePoint for collaboration on documents too.

Other subscription services that can be used to protect devices used at home include Cisco’s Umbrella which defends against hackers, viruses and provides web filtering too. We can also supply a cloud-based data backup service to protect your business from hackers or data stolen or lost by employees.


Businesses cannot solve their employees’ home broadband issues, aside from issuing individual connectivity boosters, but can ensure they can access their network, servers and files with ease. If a business relies on VPN connections for remote working, they can provide suitable bandwidth to allow them to access their files and download them to their homes without it being painfully slow. Leased lines as the ideal solution to support VPN remote working, but other business-grade connections would be better than basic broadband.


There are plenty of solutions available to help businesses prepare for whatever the coronavirus, or any other disasters or difficulties, bring. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 054 6789 if you need some help making your business continuity plan.

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