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Relocation services

Relocating your business is a great opportunity to review your communications and network infrastructure, to ensure that your new offices are as efficient as possible. New surroundings can inspire new ideas for growth, and growth can only happen if efficient IT technology is in place.

Whether you are relocating a multi-storey office with thousands of employees or simply moving a few staff onto a new floor of an existing building, you still need to mitigate risk and maximise operational efficiency. From pre-move planning to post-move support, operational business impact needs to be kept to a minimum. Our relocation specialists plan and co-ordinate the migration of your existing communications services with minimum disruption to ensure a smooth transition that is on time and within budget.

IT and telecommunications systems are critical to the smooth running of a business, so it is a high priority to ensure a seamless IT migration when relocating your business. Many IT departments do not have the experience or resource to ensure that the requirements of relocation are met. Looking to move? Download our ultimate guide to IT and telecoms when moving office


At swcomms, a structured approach is used for every office IT relocation, regardless of size. We have considerable experience in planning and executing the IT and telecoms requirements for an office relocation. We also offer support, advice and end-to-end management of all the technology aspects associated with relocation, as well as potentially considering new technologies, such as unified communications (UC).

Moving office is a large undertaking for any business, so it is vital to remain connected to your customers and suppliers at all times throughout your transition. Our team of specialists will review your current needs, taking into account potential future growth and will deliver the right advice, based upon your specific requirements.

Seamless relocations
We make sure every effort is made to clearly ascertain our clients’ needs from the ground up through our relocation consultancy service which enables seamless phased or wholesale relocations using our PRINCE2-accredited project managers and geographically-dispersed engineering teams. We provide advice at infrastructure level including the audit, upgrade and installation of fixed and wireless voice and data networks.

We provide new telephone systems or migrate existing ones. We also manage the transfer, migration or redirection of existing telephone and fax line services.

We provide connectivity including broadband, ethernet services and leased lines to give you immediate, fast and reliable access to email, the web and other internet services.

Furthermore, with reliance on the availability of critical data becoming increasing important to most businesses, our data specialists are able to audit and review the existing local area network (LAN) infrastructure and ensure it will support the needs of the business in the new location.

Our data centres also enables customers to host their servers off site removing the headache of establishing a suitable comms room with all the associated resilience for power, air conditioning, connectivity and security.

We design and implement a range of disaster recovery solutions and offer full support and maintenance of all our solutions post-relocation and beyond.

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