Apprentice army starts mammoth upgrade as ISDN switch-off looms
Posted by Colin Woods on 13/08 at 10:00 AM SIP,
Apprentice army starts mammoth upgrade as ISDN switch-off looms

There’s only one way to eat an elephant: One bite at a time!


And we are now told that that is exactly how Openreach are approaching the jumbo task of upgrading 15 million phone lines before 2025.


If, like me, you’ve been sat back thinking that the switch off of the traditional UK ISDN and PSTN phone services is so far away that you don’t need to worry, you may want to sit up and take notice of the latest information to come from Openreach.


Their task is to upgrade more than 40,000 lines per week before the deadline of 2025 so that all businesses will be able to use replacement internet-based services, such as SIP. To ensure they succeed, they have recruited an army of apprentices who will be trained to complete the task.


Even with the additional manpower, they need to get started sooner rather than later and have now published a list of exchanges selected for an “early upgrade”. The first upgrade swings into action as early as next month, with the others following on quickly during the next two years.


The process is complex, but essentially it starts with a “stop sale” notice being issued and, in the case of Salisbury, this will be issued next month.


I guess if I had thought about it, the idea of a blanket switch-off across the whole of the UK in one year would have been somewhat ambitious. It is no surprise that they have broken the task down. When the “stop sale” notice is issued in Salisbury, the switch-off will become very real all of a sudden. It also means these areas will be able to take advantage of these new services sooner rather than late too.


For more information about your options when your area is switched off, feel free to contact me. I do fear that many of us won’t react until the twelfth hour and at that point the rush to change may bring its own casualties.

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Colin Woods on 13/08/2019

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