GP surgery phone systems need the right connection
Posted by Jane Atkins on 15/02 at 10:00 AM Healthcare, Cloud hosted telephone systems, Gamma Horizon, Internet connectivity,
GP surgery phone systems need the right connection

With many practice managers opting for cloud-hosted phone systems to improve patient access and to find precious cost savings, there are plenty of communications businesses chasing this opportunity. But GP surgery management teams need to be wary of rock bottom prices that...

Colleges can benefit from flexible bandwidth
Posted by Elaine Bellamy on 12/02 at 10:00 AM Education, Internet connectivity,
Colleges can benefit from flexible bandwidth

Further education (FE) colleges have a decision to make. With the Government cutting funding to their current connectivity provider, these colleges will have to start paying for their Janet and eduroam services from August this year. College connectivity provider Jisc...

Using telephony technology to beat threat from medical apps
Posted by James Hooker on 08/02 at 10:00 AM Healthcare, Cloud hosted telephone systems, Healthcare,
Using telephony technology to beat threat from medical apps

Medical apps are currently viewed as a London-only phenomenon, but organisations like Babylon and their GP at Hand app is gaining momentum with plans to expand into Southampton and Leeds. GP surgeries need to take notice as new app-led practices like these are luring...

Office 365 passwords are at risk from voicemail phishing
Posted by Chris Wheeler on 05/02 at 10:00 AM Office 365,
Office 365 at risk from voicemail phishing

With cyber criminals finding varied means to discover our online passwords, we should not be surprised when they come up with another novel tactic for breaching our defences. Researchers have discovered a new group of phishing emails that are being sent to personal and...

Where should I locate my disaster recovery solution?
Posted by Colin Woods on 01/02 at 10:00 AM Data centre, Disaster recovery,

With so many businesses holding large amounts of data, having a disaster recovery (DR) option is essential, especially in light of GDPR regulations on data protection. In recent years, large and small businesses have suffered a disaster; a one in a million-type...

A private data centre can ease your journey into the cloud
Posted by Caroline Moore on 29/01 at 12:15 PM Data centre,

The universal adoption of the term ‘cloud’ still amuses me, and I am pretty sure some people still think their holiday snaps are floating around in the sky, just waiting to be accessed by a phone, tablet or computer. While it is a romantic notion, the reality is that...

What is SIP trunk call manager?
Posted by Elaine Bellamy on 25/01 at 10:00 AM SIP,

In this short video blog, I explain what SIP Call Manager is and how it can be beneficial to your business.The benefits include:Easy disaster recovery and business continuity Call queuing and hunt group features Call whisper functionality Control of number...

What do you need from your next telephone system?
Posted by Nick Pursglove on 22/01 at 10:00 AM Cloud hosted telephone systems,

Telephone systems have been providing a vital service for businesses of all sizes for decades. Call handling has matured and is now intertwined with the daily process of running a business. Practices vary by country or region depending on office culture and user...

What are your options when BT Wholesale phases out ISDN lines?
Posted by Elaine Bellamy on 18/01 at 10:00 AM SIP,

With BT Wholesale set to cease providing ISDN telephone lines used by businesses in 2025, my video above discusses the voice services that will replace them.I explain what SIP channels or SIP trunks are and lay out the benefits that come with them, including free...

How hosted phone systems supports the remote and mobile workplace
Posted by Khaled El-Din on 15/01 at 10:00 AM Cloud hosted telephone systems,
Hosted phone systems support remote workplace

If you’ve been following workplace trends in the last five years, one significant change is impossible to miss: Work is an activity that we do, not a place where we go. Gone are the days when most employees made the daily commute to a corporate office, sharing a...

Seasonal internet connectivity – why you should flex your bandwidth
Posted by Colin Woods on 11/01 at 10:00 AM Internet connectivity,

Seasonal business, such as the tourist and hospitality sectors, ramp up everything for the season and then clamp down for the off-season. Staffing levels flex, as do so many other things. Even utility bills reflect the seasonal usage: electricity, gas, water…everything...

Link your business sites using a software-defined wide area network
Posted by Simon Dunstan on 08/01 at 10:00 AM Data networks, Internet connectivity,
wide area networks across your offices

Phrases like ‘joined up communications’ and ‘seamless working’ have been bandied about our industry for the last decade as businesses have come to terms with the fact that a single office mentality is just not practical anymore. While these phrases may have been used...

Compare service not price when choosing our business internet connection?
Posted by Colin Woods on 04/01 at 10:00 AM Internet connectivity,

We have all seen the adverts for seemingly bargain-priced broadband offering astonishing speeds and bandwidth so why aren’t we all jumping on the bandwagon?The reality is that businesses do not necessarily need these features, as discussed in my previous blog: The...

What to check when selecting your business internet provider?
Posted by Colin Woods on 21/12 at 10:00 AM Internet connectivity,

In our latest video blog, I discuss what businesses should look for when they choose their internet provider. I will focus on the robustness of the service in that most businesses cannot easily cope without access to the internet to use email and cloud-based...

Risks and costs of holding onto an ageing school telephone system
Posted by Caroline Moore on 18/12 at 10:00 AM Education, On-premise telephone systems, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise,

In our latest video blog for schools, I discuss why hanging on to an older telephone system can be both risky and expensive. We understand why schools would want to “sweat the asset” with education budgets being so tight, but an older system can be very costly and if...

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