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The stops and starts of PCI compliant call recording
Posted by Laurie Coleman on 04/05 at 10:00 AM Call recording, Contact centre, Security,
call centre PCI

Any business that records calls and takes payments over the telephone will know that PCI compliance is key and the implications of not complying can result in an enforced cessation on them taking further card payments.  To be PCI compliant while using a call recording solution,...

Customers have the right to be forgotten – even on call recordings
Posted by Laurie Coleman on 27/04 at 10:00 AM Call recording, Contact centre, Telephone systems,
Call centre

With the new GDPR legislation due to come into effect next month and the care of customer data being such a big topic right now, where do we stand with recording and storing calls when GDPR states that “all consumers have the right to be forgotten”? Businesses record calls to...

Improve end-to-end customer service with a contact centre
Posted by Adam Williams on 10/05 at 10:08 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Contact centre, Contact centre,

Running a successful business will more than often require focus on the customer experience…as well as all the other on-going concerns, such as profitability, productivity, reputation, etc. To achieve a positive customer experience, businesses regularly turn to contact centres to help...

Keep communications consistent in your contact centre
Posted by Simon Dunstan on 03/05 at 09:53 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Contact centre,
Contact centre consistent comms image

In order to provide great customer service, your contact centre needs a solution that gives you the features you need for efficient, consistent communications.Customers and prospects may choose to contact you in a variety of different ways. It is important is to keep the response...

Infographic: Key benefits of the right contact centre communications
Posted by Glenn Fletcher on 11/04 at 02:08 PM Images and graphics, Contact centre, Contact centre,

Contact centre communications have a huge impact on your customer service. Therefore, it's important to consider that your communication and the tools you use are the best they can be. With this in mind we look at the key benefits of having an effective and efficient contact centre...

Allow customers to talk to you the way they want to
Posted by Caroline Moore on 10/07 at 11:48 AM Contact centre, Unified communications,
Texting to communicate image

With the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) calling for text messages to be used in an emergency, the topic of allowing customers to talk to you in the way they choose is back in the spotlight.In a report called Contacting Emergency Services in the Digital Age, Prof Will...

How do your customers want to talk to you?
Posted by Simon Dunstan on 14/04 at 11:29 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Contact centre,
Multimedia contact centre image

Compelling statistics According to Ovum¹, more than 90% of customer contacts in 2001 were voice-based, while fewer than 5% were sent by email. A more recent report by Forrester² states that voice is still the primary communication channel used across all demographics but it is quickly...

Infographic: Tips for improving your contact centre
Posted by Caroline Moore on 07/04 at 11:25 AM Images and graphics, Contact centre,
Shoretel Contact Centre tips image

If your business uses a contact centre, you are going to be a business that cares about customer service. Contact centres are all about delivering customer service.But contact centres have evolved. They now embrace multi-media exchanges and are integrated with business CRMs with the...

One size no longer fits all
Posted by Simon Dunstan on 01/03 at 08:36 AM Large enterprises, Contact centre,
Call centres image

Every business is different therefore every contact centre has to be different too. Not only will they vary in size but their need for integration with existing business software will determine their individuality.The experience customers receive from a contact centre will...

Small to medium-sized enterprises can benefit from contact centres too
Posted by Khaled El-Din on 20/02 at 01:55 PM SMEs, Contact centre,

Account manager Khaled El-Din discusses the relevant of contact centres for SMEsMost people seem to think that contact centres are only suited to large companies, like energy and telecoms suppliers or, more recently PPI businesses, with rooms full of people wearing headphones...

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