Wide area networks for schools - linking your MAT and federation
Posted by Rudi Weiss on 07/06 at 10:00 AM Data networks, Education,

With schools’ budgets being reduced year on year, finding cost and productivity savings and additional resources can be a time-consuming task. Business managers, bursars and IT teams don't always have the time to investigate the latest developments in IT and communications technology,...

Don’t leave remote workers out in the cold
Posted by Caroline Moore on 05/03 at 10:00 AM Data networks, Cloud hosted telephone systems, Internet connectivity, Office 365, Security, Surface, Surfaas, Wi-Fi,
Don’t leave remote workers out in the cold

‘The workplace is no longer a location’ is a common phrase used in our industry to reflect the number of remote and mobile members of staff that contribute to the business landscape. The days of people working 9 to 5 in an office is still relevant for many, but technology has given...

Link your business sites using a software-defined wide area network
Posted by Simon Dunstan on 08/01 at 10:00 AM Data networks, Internet connectivity,
wide area networks across your offices

Phrases like ‘joined up communications’ and ‘seamless working’ have been bandied about our industry for the last decade as businesses have come to terms with the fact that a single office mentality is just not practical anymore. While these phrases may have been used by telephone...

Wi-Fi means more than access to the internet – unleash the power of your LAN
Posted by Colin Woods on 20/07 at 10:00 AM Wi-Fi, Data networks,

Many people just think of Wi-Fi as their wireless access to the internet but in fact businesses should regard it as the way and means of freeing their working environment. Your local area network (LAN) connects every device within your office to each other and to the internet via...

When is the right time to upgrade my local area network?
Posted by Colin Woods on 26/05 at 10:00 AM SMEs, Data networks,
Right time to upgrade LAN image

When is the right time to upgrade my local area network? IT and network managers will tell you every three years; never more than five. These are the rules they live by. But why? Your local area network is the backbone of your business. All your staff connect to it so they can...

Why do IP networks need SD-WAN?
Posted by Matt Needs on 31/01 at 09:41 AM Data networks,
Data networks image

Arguably one of the biggest additions to the wide area network (WAN) in recent years is software defined wide area networking, referred to as SD-WAN or iWAN). SD-WAN is commonly mistaken for SDN (software defined networking). Both technologies closely resemble each other and...

Infographic: Is your hotel network optimised for a superior guest experience?
Posted by Caroline Moore on 18/11 at 10:00 AM Images and graphics, Hospitality, Data networks,
Hospitality infographic image

Guests expect to be able to use their mobile devices in the same way as they would at home and at work.They also expect to use quality in-room TV services.Meanwhile they expect your staff to be highly responsive to their needs.Your data network could hold the key to providing...

Infographic: Optimise your hotel network and your costs
Posted by James Hooker on 19/10 at 10:00 AM Hospitality, Data networks,
Hotel networks image

Your number one goal is to delight your customers while keeping operational costs under control.The good news is end-to-end guest experience and efficient operations are possible at optimised costs.Find out how you can:Leverage past investments Accelerate ROI with...

Video blog: Does my business need a resilient network?
Posted by Colin Woods on 14/04 at 02:39 PM Videos and webinars, Large enterprises, SMEs, Data networks,

The answer may not be “yes” for all businesses. Indeed, it may not be “yes” for all of your data.The answer really depends on what your business can live with in terms of outages; more accurately, how long your business can cope without access to its IT systems and data.Colin...

Video blog: Networking is critical to all businesses
Posted by Colin Woods on 12/02 at 01:48 PM Videos and webinars, Large enterprises, SMEs, Data networks,

We are not talking about going to a business breakfast or a chamber event; we are talking about the connections that link your business to its IT systems.Our head of channel sales Colin Woods succinctly describes how data networks link to our CRMs, ERPs, email, telephony and other...

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