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Flexible bandwidth meets term time needs of schools
Posted by Colin Woods on 12/10 at 10:00 AM Education, Education, Internet connectivity,

Schools are commonly viewed as organisations that are only truly active for 40 weeks of the year. While there may be staff working on site during the holidays, life is a lot quieter when the students are not around! There is little or no use for many of the services that must be...

Summer holiday telephone fraud warning to schools
Posted by Joe Kavanagh on 14/06 at 11:20 AM Education,
Teacher looking stressed due to fraud

With the summer holidays fast approaching, I want to warn schools about the risk of fraudsters using the long break as the perfect time to infiltrate school telephone systems to run up costly bills.  Generally, most active at night or on weekends, fraudsters could view the summer...

What is the alternative to a Centrex telephone system?
Posted by Joe Kavanagh on 08/06 at 10:45 AM Education,
Class room

In some areas of the UK, schools are still using Centrex telephone systems provided by their local county council or authority. Historically, these were very appealing systems provided for a fixed monthly price per user and sometimes even free of charge, and they enabled schools...

The trouble with MATs…when it comes to IT and communications
Posted by Joe Kavanagh on 29/05 at 10:00 AM Education,
school IT

As schools join or form multi academy trusts (MATs) to share educational expertise, many of them will also hope to gain enhanced support and better access to more resources.  Improving teaching and learning standards is always as the forefront of senior management and governors’...

Colleges need to take responsibility for their own cyber security
Posted by Colin Woods on 22/05 at 10:00 AM Education, Security,
Security Blackboard

With cyber-attacks on colleges on the rise, the Department of Education has called on them to take responsibility for their own security. Most colleges rely on cyber security provided by not-for-profit company, Jisc, which provides IT services and internet connectivity through the...

School business managers cannot be masters of everything!
Posted by Khaled El-Din on 09/05 at 10:00 AM Education, Cloud hosted telephone systems, Internet connectivity, Telephone systems, Web filtering,

When swcomms exhibited at the ISBL Regional Conference in Exeter last week, it was interesting to see how varied the businesses were that had stands alongside ours. Fuel bill savings, catering equipment, law, pupil photos, school meals, wages and other payments, educational...

Is a cloud-hosted telephone system right for schools?
Posted by Joe Kavanagh on 17/04 at 10:00 AM Education, Cloud hosted telephone systems,
School cloud-hosted telephone system

We have been working with schools for 35 years and have seen schools adopt both digital and the VoIP telephone systems, but what about modern cloud-hosted solutions? A cloud-hosted solution is built on a per user subscription basis with a channel, run over an internet connection,...

Further education colleges need to seek an internet connectivity alternative
Posted by Simon Dunstan on 06/04 at 10:00 AM Education, Internet connectivity, IT services, Security, SIP, Telephone systems, Web filtering, Wi-Fi,
Janet replacement services

Government funding cuts mean internet connectivity and IT services currently provided to English further education (FE) colleges on the Janet network will need to be paid for as of August next year. Announced last month, these cuts will cost colleges thousands of pounds every year...

Schools have the choice to gain better connectivity
Posted by Joe Kavanagh on 02/03 at 10:00 AM Education, Internet connectivity, Web filtering, Wi-Fi,
primary school class

I speak to schools every day as part of my role and there is one topic of our conversation I feel needs to be addressed...internet connectivity. Understandably, many schools purchase their internet services from county council suggested services. I say “understandably” in that...

Top 3 challenges for IT in education
Posted by Joe Kavanagh on 13/02 at 10:00 AM Education, Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi,
Wi-Fi in a classroom

The classroom is becoming an amazing blend of interaction, digital information and other modern learning models to engage with students and help educators be more effective. Digital transformation in schools creates new challenges for the infrastructure and overworked IT teams....

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