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Are GP surgeries internet connections robust enough for smartphone video consultations?
Posted by Colin Woods on 21/11 at 10:00 AM Healthcare, Data networks, Internet connectivity, IT services, Mobiles,
internet connections for video consultations

GPs in London are beginning a trial that allows patients to use their smartphone to book and attend appointments via video link. The service gives NHS patients the opportunity to benefit from the technology at their fingertips to improve their access to healthcare.  Approximately...

Infographic: GP surgeries can benefit from a new telephone system
Posted by James Hooker on 06/10 at 10:00 AM Images and graphics, Healthcare, Telephone systems,
female gp on the phone

The cost of a new telephone system might feel like a massive expenditure and challenge, but the benefits in the short and long term to your staff and patients can be huge. We understand staff costs are critical to meeting patient needs but investing in technology does not have to...

GP surgeries should consider cloud-hosted telephony to find savings
Posted by James Hooker on 08/08 at 10:00 AM Healthcare, Cloud-hosted telephone systems, Telephone systems,
Embrace technology to find savings image

With some Plymouth residents reeling from the news that the new ‘super surgery’ Ocean Healthcare is without a permanent provider as the former team of partners have handed the contract back after they struggled to deal with its 22,000 patient list, other GP surgeries will be wondering...

GPs and practice managers: Telephone triage and the need for call recording
Posted by Jane Atkins on 21/02 at 10:10 AM Images and graphics, Healthcare, On-premise telephone systems, Call recording,
healthcare image

This infographic illustrates how call recording is a necessary part of the telephone triage being adopted by GP surgeries in a bid to offer more flexible appointments to their patients. Telephone triage has been heralded as one way GP surgeries can cope with appointments on a more...

GP surgeries: Prepare for the busiest time of the year
Posted by Jane Atkins on 17/11 at 10:00 AM Healthcare, Cloud-hosted telephone systems, SIP, Telephone systems,
GP surgery busy period image

The main challenge GP surgeries will face in the next few months is the increase in patient calls. The winter months, which GPs class as December to March, are relentless. Already stretched surgeries feel under increased pressure at this time of the year. Added pressure on...

Need to link GP surgeries?
Posted by Andrew Beswick on 21/10 at 10:00 AM Healthcare, Cloud-hosted telephone systems, Telephone systems,
Linking GP surgeries image

As more and more GP surgeries move to federations, localities or CCGs to help them find economies of scale and shared staff resources in the face of an ever increasing pressure to offer extended opening hours, we find we are being called upon to offer our advice on how to link two or...

Initiate remote working for GP surgery staff
Posted by Russell Smith on 04/10 at 10:00 AM Healthcare, Cloud-hosted telephone systems, Telephone systems,
Doctor working from home image

Doctors, practice managers and staff sometimes work from home either for convenience or because they cannot get into the surgery. This arrangement tends to be more productive, but while their PCs and laptops can remotely work as part of the surgery, they need to use a home or...

Do not put your duty of care at risk
Posted by Andrew Beswick on 23/08 at 10:00 AM Healthcare, Telephone systems,
Stressed GP surgery practice manager

A recent visit to a GP surgery reminded me why having a fully supported telephone system is critical. This surgery had been struggling with an unsupported system. In other words, the telephone system had reached its end of life period, so neither the solution provider nor the...

Call queuing is favoured by GP surgeries
Posted by Russell Smith on 09/08 at 10:00 AM Healthcare, On-premise telephone systems, Healthcare, Telephone systems,

A busy morning at a GP surgery sees receptionists trying to manage a number of calls coming in all at the same time from a long list of patients. The last thing these probably poorly callers need is to be met by an engaged tone.During this influx of calls, reception staff are also...

Infographic: How GP surgeries can deal with incoming calls
Posted by Sophie Down on 29/07 at 10:00 AM Images and graphics, Healthcare, Telephone systems,

Busy mornings at GP surgeries can result in stressed out staff in reception trying to deal with incoming queries. This common scenario however can be helped with functions on a telephone system that allow the surgery to handle these calls in a more efficient manner. Our...

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