Have your customers’ experience expectations changed?
Posted by Caroline Moore on 19/10 at 10:00 AM Financial services, Hospitality, Large enterprises, Legal, Manufacturing, Retail, SMEs, Call recording, Cloud hosted telephone systems, Contact centre, Telephone lines, Telephone systems,
Have your customers’ experience expectations changed?

When the pandemic was at its height and we were plunged into lockdown, we had no choice but to turn to the phone and online services to contact businesses we would previously have visited in person.Despite the vaccination programme leading to the opening up of services, people...

Chip shortage means businesses need to take a long-term view on IT projects
Posted by Caroline Moore on 14/09 at 10:00 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Wi-Fi, Cloud-hosted telephone systems, Data networks, On-premise telephone systems, IT services,
Chip shortage blog

Shortages are causing issues across multiple industries with a lack of cement, bricks, cars, bottled water, chicken, milkshakes and beer grabbing the headlines. In our industry, it is the semiconductor chips used in electronic devices that are causing the biggest headaches.  As...

Secure your remote workforce with Cisco Duo
Posted by Ian Temple-Edwards on 31/08 at 10:00 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Cloud services, Remote working, Security,
Cisco Duo MFA

With cyber-crime on the rise, along with identity theft and brute-force attacks, every business should be looking at multi-factor authentication methods. When businesses opened their core networks to allow for home working during the pandemic, the risk of remote security breaches...

Are remote workers more vulnerable to cyber-attacks?
Posted by Ash Khagram on 20/08 at 10:00 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Security,
Home workers are vulnerable to security breaches

A cyber-crime group ran attacks after the Euro 2020 final* knowing people may not be in the office the following day. They had also sent out a spate of attacks during the May bank holidays assuming people would be enjoying the long weekend.  The businesses affected had to endure...

Don’t forget your phone system when it comes to disaster recovery
Posted by Nick Pursglove on 01/12 at 10:00 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Cloud-hosted telephone systems, Gamma Horizon,
DR plan for your phone system

Now more than ever businesses are looking for flexible and adaptable solutions to face challenging and unexpected situations. Lockdowns aside, any number of unfortunate events could happen at any minute and being ready to face these challenges is vital.  While businesses might...

Advantages of using point to point wireless links
Posted by Caroline Moore on 25/10 at 10:00 AM Images and graphics, Large enterprises, Point to point wireless,
Point to point infographic image

This infographic illustrates the advantages of using point to point wireless links in the place of leased lines. swcomms has deployed this technology to businesses which would have otherwise paid costly monthly rentals for leased lines. Point to point wireless links are the...

You don’t have to answer the phone or make a call to become a fraud victim
Posted by Thomas Holtom-Hattersley on 01/10 at 10:00 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Landlines and calls, Dial through fraud,
Phone hacker

With fraud and scams on the rise, it is important to remind businesses of the threats can be posed via their telephone system. In the domestic arena, it is pensioners who suffer the most with MP Chris Elmore calling for the Government to deal with the “epidemic of scams sweeping...

Guide to on-premise and hosted phone systems - what’s the difference?
Posted by Caroline Moore on 03/09 at 10:43 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Telephone systems,
VoIP phone guide

You cannot apply a “one size fits all” approach to telecoms as it should be a case of “what’s the best fit for you?” Where one business would benefit from a hosted VoIP telephone solution, another may be best suited to on an on-premise platform. Each business operates in a unique...

Beat telecoms fraud this Christmas
Posted by Elaine Bellamy on 11/12 at 08:51 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Dial through fraud, Landlines and calls, Telecoms fraud, Telephone lines,
Beware Christmas telecoms fraud

Telecoms fraud is an ongoing problem in the UK and one we always highlight at Christmas-time. While fraudulent behaviour is evolving all the time, especially online, it could be easy to overlook potential attacks on your telephone system. There are so many types of fraud activity...

Be more flexible with cloud communications
Posted by Khaled El-Din on 21/08 at 10:00 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Cloud hosted telephone systems, Unified communications,
Benefits of cloud communications

In just two years’ time, more than 70% of UK businesses will have adopted flexible working practices. By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials, i.e. people born between 1983 and 2003. The way we work is changing all the time. Gone are the 9am to 5pm...

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