Have your customers’ experience expectations changed?
Posted by Caroline Moore on 19/10 at 10:00 AM Financial services, Hospitality, Large enterprises, Legal, Manufacturing, Retail, SMEs, Call recording, Cloud hosted telephone systems, Contact centre, Telephone lines, Telephone systems,
Have your customers’ experience expectations changed?

When the pandemic was at its height and we were plunged into lockdown, we had no choice but to turn to the phone and online services to contact businesses we would previously have visited in person.Despite the vaccination programme leading to the opening up of services, people...

Communications and IT challenges faced by manufacturers
Posted by Joe Kavanagh on 27/04 at 10:00 AM Manufacturing, Telephone systems, Wi-Fi,
Manufacturing phone system and Wi-Fi needs

Most of the manufacturing industry has been able to work throughout the pandemic. They may have been forced to close at first but being businesses that could not operate wholly from home, most remained open after the initial lockdown. While this industry did not have had the...

Infographic: Beating communication complexity in the manufacturing industry
Posted by Simon Dunstan on 02/06 at 03:52 PM Images and graphics, Manufacturing, Unified communications,
communications complexity in the manufacturing sector image

Manufacturers can realise bottom‐line benefits by optimising their communications. UC solutions can provide quantifiable cost savings, while also improving workforce efficiency, increasing employee productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction. UC can:Reduce operational...

Improving communications in the manufacturing industry
Posted by Simon Dunstan on 21/05 at 03:49 PM Large enterprises, Manufacturing, Unified communications,
UC in manufacturing image

In today’s highly competitive manufacturing industry, with global production, multiple transportation options and Internet‐based products, it’s more important than ever for manufacturers to continually improve their operational models. With the latest unified communications (UC)...

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