Contact centres improve your customer service
Posted by Caroline Moore on 24/06 at 10:23 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, On-premise telephone systems, Contact centre, Telephone systems,
SWComms Contact centres blog post image

Building mutually satisfying, long-term relationships with customers has never been more important, nor, arguably, more challenging for businesses in both the private and public sectors.As the marketplace becomes more competitive and customers’ expectations rise, businesses must be...

Is your office secure?
Posted by Caroline Moore on 24/06 at 10:12 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Web filtering, Cloud services,
SWComms Network security blog post

It is not enough to make sure your doors are locked and your alarm is switched on. Serious threats to business security and productivity lurk on the Internet and could be more financially damaging than a burglary.Threats that lie in wait attached to or embedded in an email or behind...

Embrace mobility for communication on the move
Posted by Caroline Moore on 24/06 at 10:08 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Mobiles, Unified communications, Mobiles, Unified communications,
SWComms Mobility solutions blog post image

For many people, going to work used to mean sitting behind a desk for the day with a desktop computer and a telephone handset.But businesses, people and technology are changing and the workplace now needs to be anywhere: home, the car, a customer site, hotel room, a temporary...

Save money and time with video conferencing
Posted by Caroline Moore on 24/06 at 10:05 AM Large enterprises, Unified communications, Video conferencing,
SWComms video conferencing blog post image

The economic climate has continued to put pressures on many budgets and while some businesses have survived the recession and are beginning to flourish again, they are still being cautious with their expenditure.An effective way to immediately save time and money for many businesses...

Implementation of cost control measures on your telephone system
Posted by Caroline Moore on 24/06 at 09:59 AM SMEs, On-premise telephone systems, Telephone systems,
SWComms call logging blog post image

Every business is keen to save money and control their costs and there are a number of ways that this can be achieved with a modern telephone system.Providing businesses with a user-friendly, management platform virtually eradicates the need to call out engineers to make day to day...

Trust your neighbour for school telephone system advice
Posted by Caroline Moore on 24/06 at 09:54 AM Education, On-premise telephone systems, Education,
SWComms education telephone communications blog post image

Replacing an existing telephone system can be confusing and time-consuming but the choice is made a lot easier when you can take a recommendation from other schools and colleges, such as Stowe School, Westminster City School and Crowdys Hill School...Simon Winchester, bursar at...

Use your wireless network to expand your school telephone system
Posted by Caroline Moore on 12/06 at 03:40 PM Videos and webinars, Data networks, On-premise telephone systems, Education,

We all know communication is key in any business or organisation, including schools, colleges and universities.However, the challenge for the education sector is that most of its employees do not sit at a desk with a traditional telephone handset; they are standing in front of a...

Let your school telephone system spread the word
Posted by Caroline Moore on 11/06 at 02:46 PM Videos and webinars, Education, On-premise telephone systems, Education,

A typical English summer - it’s been raining solidly for the last two weeks and after much practising in the school hall or on the playground, the rain is still falling on the day itself.The result? Sports day is cancelled.Apart from the disappointment shared by the school’s...

No need to invest in text messaging services for schools
Posted by Caroline Moore on 10/06 at 02:13 PM Education, On-premise telephone systems, Education,
SWComms Automated attendant blog post image

The way parents communicate with schools and vice versa are changing all the time: a hand written note used to suffice to explain a child’s absence due to illness; a newsletter sent out every term used to cover all events; and a phone tree was used in the event of an emergency.The...

Time is running out to book a summer holiday telephone system installation for schools
Posted by Caroline Moore on 05/06 at 10:32 AM Education, On-premise telephone systems, Education, Telephone systems,
SWComms education communication solutions blog post image

The summer holidays are popular with schools for obvious reasons, but they are also popular in terms of using the lengthy absence of pupils to get on-site jobs and infrastructure work completed.In line with this trend, the summer break is the most popular time for schools and...

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