Farewell copper, hello fibre – what does this mean for your business?
Posted by Mat Hillman on 05/06 at 10:00 AM Cloud hosted telephone systems, Internet connectivity, Landlines and calls, Telephone lines,
Copper phone line withdrawal to be replaced by fibre

The old Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is on its way out. This is not a scaremongering tactic but the truth. Made from copper, the PSTN has become fragile and has served its purpose and is now making way for a modern replacement...fibre. All PSTN lines, such as ISDN...

Thirty years on…ISDN is finally on its way out
Posted by Caroline Moore on 23/08 at 12:10 PM Telephone lines,
ISDN on the way out

The telecoms industry is full of marketing material and news updates on the demise of ISDN telephone lines. Outside the comms industry, this is just another meaningless acronym being bandied around at will. It may help to put the ISDN story into a meaningful context. ISDN is a...

Retain your customers with good call handling
Posted by Nick Pursglove on 26/03 at 10:00 AM Contact centre, Telephone lines, Telephone systems, Unified communications,
Handle your calls better

With Brexit looming, businesses are readying themselves for life after the EU, whatever form it takes. I hope that it will be business as usual, but I also think it will be more important than ever to retain existing customers as well as attracting new ones. Customer service...

What’s the value of a lost incoming call to your business?
Posted by Khaled El-Din on 08/03 at 10:00 AM Cloud hosted telephone systems, Telephone lines,

The answer to this question will have a different value for different businesses and therefore will be calculated on an individual basis. For instance, a missed call to funeral director could be worth around £4,000* while a travel agent may potentially lose £5,000** for a family...

Beat telecoms fraud this Christmas
Posted by Elaine Bellamy on 11/12 at 08:51 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Dial through fraud, Landlines and calls, Telecoms fraud, Telephone lines,
Beware Christmas telecoms fraud

Telecoms fraud is an ongoing problem in the UK and one we always highlight at Christmas-time. While fraudulent behaviour is evolving all the time, especially online, it could be easy to overlook potential attacks on your telephone system. There are so many types of fraud activity...

ISDN is dead long live SIP!
Posted by Elaine Bellamy on 14/09 at 10:00 AM SIP, Telephone lines,
ISDN is dead

In this updated infographic, “ISDN is dead, long live SIP”, we explain the reasons behind the decline in ISDN use for business telephone line services and why SIP is the favoured alternative. BT Wholesale has confirmed ISDN and PSTN voice services will no longer be available to...

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