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Infographic: 10 questions you should be asking your supplier

Posted by Paul Marshall on 22/02 at 01:48 PM Images and graphics, Large enterprises, SMEs,
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Infographic: Ten questions you should be asking your supplier

Today’s business pace is rapidly changing with the influence of technology, affecting how we do business and how competitive we are. When it comes to suppliers, many organisations offer bespoke or comparable solutions making the need for the right supplier crucial when considering your ICT plans.

The following infographic looks at ten key questions you should be asking, in order to ensure you work with the best supplier for your business needs.

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Paul Marshall on 22/02/2016

Paul has recently changed his role from presales consultant to key account manager.

Using his wealth of experience as a field-based installation and commissioning engineer, Paul is well-versed in phone systems plus data and network access services. Paul enhances customers' existing solutions with the latest applications to help them run their businesses more cost-effectively and efficiently.

Never ask Paul about his youthful travelling days... you could be there for a while. These days he is keeping it real with his two young children.

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