8 reasons why you should use Cisco Umbrella
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8 Reasons why you should use Cisco Umbrella

Ensuring your network is secure can become a constant struggle as your IT team applies the latest updates and patches while monitoring alerts to stop threats before they become an issue.


The other side of security is monitoring the content staff are viewing to ensure they don't access material, such as malware, phishing emails or ransomware websites that could be harmful to them or the business.


Businesses are looking for a suitable alternative to legacy-based security solutions. Cisco has launched Umbrella to provide a secure internet gateway with functionality that stops advanced threats infecting your network while providing an end-to-end solution that will secure your business and devices from attacks. Our infographic lists the 8 reaons why people are moving to Cisco Umbrella.

For more information about Cisco Umbrella watch our on-demand webinar hosted by Anthony Owen for some deeper insight. Click here for a free trial of Cisco Umbrella or call us on 0800 054 6789 to speak to one of our security consultants.

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