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Academies: How hosted telephone systems can maximise your resources
Posted by Adam Williams on 16/08 at 08:25 AM Cloud-hosted telephone systems, Education, Telephone systems,
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As more schools federate and become academies, there is increasing pressure to harness resources more intelligently across the organisation.  

Traditionally, each school within a multi-school academy trust would have its own telephone system which leads to the following inefficiencies:

  • Each system has to be managed individually which means that if you wish to make a simple change academy-wide, it has to be done multiple times
  • Staff are not easily contactable when roaming between sites
  • Each school has to handle calls locally and therefore needs a full-time receptionist at each site
  • Calls between schools occupy outgoing lines and which incurs charges
  • There is a high capital cost to extend systems to further schools as they become part of the multi-academy trust

Surely, there must be a better way?

Introducing cloud-hosted telephone systems from swcomms.

A single, cloud-hosted telephony platform seamlessly encompasses all schools within a multi-academy trust through an easy-to-manage solution.

The platform provides academies with a way of maximising their resources and reducing costs by virtue of the following:

  • A simple, centralised and intuitive management platform that can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser and is exceptionally easy to navigate, shown in our video here.
  • Scheduled and flexible call handling to maximise resources regardless of location. This allows larger schools in the academy to handle incoming calls for smaller schools where there is disparity in the amount of staff available at certain locations.
  • The ability for staff to remain contactable across all academy sites and still be available on their personal system-wide extension number or DDI.
  • Quick, easy and cost-effective addition of new staff or other locations.
  • Free calls between sites as well as free UK landline and mobile calls

Many of the academies we work with have adopted this platform and are already reaping the rewards.

If this sounds like something that your academy would benefit from, book a free consultation with one of our communications consultants today.

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Adam Williams on 16/08/2016

Since 2006, Adam has quickly risen to a sales manager role managing a team of communications consultants, and works with larger clients offering converged solutions.

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