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Achieve excellent customer service with call recording
Posted by Glenn Fletcher on 03/03 at 10:00 AM Telephone systems, Unified communications,
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Excellent customer service and maximising the dialogue between you and your customer is crucial. Call recording is a tool that can be used to help you increase profitability. It is also deemed essential to protect businesses in a world where litigation is rife and to swiftly resolve disputes. It is also now a compliance requirement for many organisations and businesses.

Here are the benefits:

Improve performance
Recordings of real calls can be used as examples for more relevant staff training. Employees can hear and address what needs to be improved and emulate their colleagues to develop and hone their call handling techniques. 

Monitor quality
By reviewing customer calls and identifying areas that can be worked on to enhance the customer experience and to increase sales.

More focussed marketing campaigns
React swiftly to your customers’ responses with tailored sales scripts to ensure your employees are conveying the most effective message.  

Accurate information recall
You can replay conversations to ensure details or technical content are not missed and to clarify what was ordered or agreed to avoid any error.

Resolution of disputes
Create an audit trail for evidential purposes to confirm to a customer what was agreed. The ability to email an extract of a call can often help avoid disputes which could lead to time-consuming and costly litigation.

Accurate information sharing
By recording a conversation and forwarding it to colleagues, so content and tone do not get lost in translation, means queries are dealt with in the most appropriate manner.

Compliance with regulatory requirements
The Financial Services Association, for example, demands voice transactions that can be as easily recovered and audited in the same way any other kind of electronic record can be. This means that businesses in this sector must capture all of their inbound and outbound voice transactions and be able to accurately recover the recordings of those transactions in reasonable time to guarantee their authenticity.

Call recording can be provided in one of two ways:

  • Voluntary call recording – whereby users press a key on their handset to record calls on an ad hoc basis
  • Fully encrypted call recording – that can be set to record specific extensions, lines or an entire business’s call activity

​Recorded calls are saved in the telephone system or can be archived onto a data storage device. Recordings can be automatically transferred as an attachment to a user’s email account to enable them to be sent to and shared with colleagues. These files can be simply played back using a media player with sound card.

If you need more information on call recording, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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Glenn Fletcher on 03/03/2017

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