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Ever heard of the word coterminous?

It’s not an everyday word but it’s a useful one to bandy around when it comes to adding devices to a business mobile package.

Many mobile phone providers insist on starting a new contract every time you add a new device to your mobile agreement. This could be when a new member of staff starts working for your company or when an existing member of staff requests a new device.

The result can be a hotchpotch of contracts that end at different times, making it complicated when you want to change suppliers and means you may be missing out on better deals elsewhere.

But other mobile suppliers will allow you to add devices on a coterminous basis. Its definition specifies: “Having the same boundaries or extent in space, time, or meaning.”

In the business mobiles world this means that when your company takes out a mobiles contract for multiple users, it comes to an end at the agreed time regardless of whether you have added users or devices at any time during that contract.

Your business will then have a predefined end date to your mobiles contract leaving you free to consider other deals from alternative suppliers.

Insist on coterminous!

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Caroline Moore on 08/08/2014

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