Adding up the cost of an aging telephone system
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If you’re like many businesses, the only time you think about your telephone system is when it’s not working. But the ‘set it and forget it’ mindset can cost you in more ways than one. The way we work and how a business interacts with its customers has changed.


This blog outlines five components to consider when evaluating either your current telephone system or a new communications solution. I hope it will help you better understand how an updated telephone system can help you reduce costs, improve the user experience and grow with your business.


1 | VALUE - Is your phone system cost effective?

Cost is not just about the price. Consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) to determine overall value and cost effectiveness, i.e. capital costs + implementation costs + operational costs.


Some telephone systems are overly complex and require lots of staff and time-consuming administration, resulting in greater costs over time. Find value with a business telephone provider that offers robust services delivered in a streamlined and easy-to-manage way.


2 | MOBILITY - Can your telephone system support today’s ‘anywhere, anytime, from any device’ mode of doing business?

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever. Employees are expected to work on the go, wherever they may be. Tech-savvy workers expect their business communications to be just as sophisticated and easy to use as their personal apps.


Although many people use their own personal device on the job, they may be hesitant to share their personal number in a professional setting. In addition, use of personal devices further complicates tracking and reimbursement of call costs.


Most important, those using a personal device should have the same features and functionality provided by the office system.


3 | PRODUCTIVITY - Does your telephone system help or hamper employee productivity?

A connected workforce is a productive workforce. Does your telephone system make it easy for employees to connect and collaborate, no matter if they’re in the office, at a remote location or on the go? Is your phone system boosting worker productivity or draining it?


You can reduce employee frustration and increase productive work time with a ‘find me’ feature which follows employees so they can get the call the first time around, regardless of the device they are using Presence and collaboration tools also makes it easier for colleagues to communicate with each other and to exchange ideas and get work done with video, instant messaging and desktop sharing. Meanwhile, CRM integration means calling features, call histories and customer data can be accessed at the same time.


4 | SCALABILITY - Can your telephone system scale to support changing business dynamics?

To stay competitive in today’s fast-moving business environment, companies must be agile. An outdated telephone system will slow you down if your communications technology cannot keep up with business demands. The need to scale quickly isn’t just a concern for fast-growing companies, it’s a requirement for any business that experiences cyclical changes or seasonal spikes.


5 | ADAPTABILITY - Does your telephone system support future and emerging technologies?

Modern times call for modern solutions. You need to make sure your telephone system can keep pace with technological change and can embrace cloud-based and customised solutions as required. This could mean using open source software that allows for easy customisation and integration with third-party software, so you can take advantage of cloud-based business process applications.


It could also mean thinking beyond your current on-premise solution. More companies are increasingly embracing cloud-based technologies but are not yet ready to part with their on-premise telephone system. A hybrid deployment could allow you can transition to the cloud at a pace suited to your needs.


If any of this blog resonates with your thoughts on your current or future telephone system, you may wish to download this guide – 5 Ways Your Current Phone System Can Limited Your Success – to read at your leisure or to share with your colleagues or you can see the options available to you on our business telephone system web pages.


If you do not want to wait and want to act now, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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