Advantages of using point to point wireless links
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This infographic illustrates the advantages of using point to point wireless links in the place of leased lines. swcomms has deployed this technology to businesses which would have otherwise paid costly monthly rentals for leased lines.


Point to point wireless links are the alternative to leased lines and can link two locations when budgets and/or timescales cannot accommodate physical connections.

Leased line replacement
Many businesses spend thousands of pounds a year on the rental of leased lines but this could be an unnecessary revenue cost where point to point wireless technology can offer an alternative means of connectivity.

Traditional leased line connections incur an ongoing annual rental fee whereas point to point wireless links do not incur rental costs and are quick to deploy, taking weeks rather than months, and provide a quick return on investment.

Point to multi-point solutions
We can also provide point to multi-point solutions or WiMAX to connect multiple buildings on a school, university campus or business park, to provide backhaul for multiple applications such as CCTV or to enable an area to be flooded with connectivity.


If you need to link two or more of your offices, please contact our experts to see if you take advantage of a wireless point to point solution too. Meanwhile, we hope our infographic is helpful.


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