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Agility is key to choosing your next telephone system
Posted by Russell Smith on 12/08 at 10:00 AM Cloud hosted telephone systems, Telephone systems,
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One of the definitions for agility is “the power of moving quickly and easily”. This is not a term that could be applied to the traditional telephone system.

The traditional telephone system, or PBX as it is known in the industry, is an on-site or on-premise solution. This was fine while employees remained office based but the business world has changed significantly.

Flexible working
Our employees are no longer chained to their desks on a 9-5 basis. They are on the road, working from home, working from hotels, working from remote offices, etc. They might not even have their own desk in the office. And while these employees were contactable by mobile or email, they were not historically a part of the core telephone system.

Hence the need for agility.
While our employees have been given the power of moving quickly and easily, we need a telephone system that can keep up with them.

If you are considering your next telephone system, check out our Essential guide to cost-effective telecoms. This succinctly discusses the question of agility and the rest of the benefits that can be gained from a hosted telephone system that embraces flexible working.  

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Russell Smith on 12/08/2016

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