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The stress put on school telephone systems and receptionist staff, trying to handle the early morning call rush, is a well-known frustration in the school office but it is equally frustrating for parents or carers trying to call in.

While there may well be calls that legitimately cannot be made at any other time than 8.30am, there are often others that could be made well before, especially those about a child’s absence.

Most schools require parents/carers to call in every day that their child is off sick.

This can become a week-long task while a child is suffering with more serious illnesses but also becomes a week-long battle as these parents/carers fight to get through to reception staff at 8.30am every day.

This becomes even more stressful when working parents are trying to juggle childcare arrangements and calls into the office at the same time.

However, very often parents/carers know their child is not going to well enough for school before 8.30am, either earlier in the morning, the evening before or even in the middle of the night when the illness first becomes apparent.

This is where an automated attendant and absence voicemail, very often provided as part of modern telephone system installation, come into their own.

An automated attendant answers incoming calls and directs callers to the most appropriate extension, one of which can be an absence voicemail.

Parents/carers can then leave messages about their child’s absence without having to speak to reception staff. They can also leave these messages at a time that suits them.

Similarly, the paperwork involved with dealing with these absence messages can be made at a less busy time of the day when receptionists are no longer dealing with morning face-to-face inquiries. For instance, many schools use the messages to update the registers when they come back from the classrooms.

An automated attendant can also be used to relay pre-recorded messages on schools events, trips and closures. This flexible feature, which can be changed whenever the school needs to update the message, allows parents/carers to immediately get the information they need without having to wait to get through and without having to bother the office staff.

Many of SWComms education customers have taken advantage of this telephone system technology and have been willing to be reference sites.

To read more about automated attendants and absence lines in action, please see the dedicated education section of our case study library.

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