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Are you benefiting from the competitive advantages offered by cloud-based CRM services?
Posted by Tony Watkins on 12/11 at 12:06 PM Cloud services, Data centre,
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To print or not to print? Do you email PDFs and send URL links? Do you compose an email or use instant messaging? Do you have visibility of someone’s availability and presence without physically driving to any fixed office location?

The 80s and 90s saw companies change and adopt new ways of working. Today, these once-upon-a-time costly, manual and multi-layered processes have naturally become electronic and simplified due to the advent of the Internet.

From someone who has journeyed from the days of MS-DOS, voicemail and Lotus Notes to instant messaging, presence, webinars, and home working, I am living proof that manual processes are becoming a thing of the past and have been superseded by hosted CRM services, such as Salesforce and Office 365.

Today, these services provide speed and accuracy and use online, real-time services to give their employees and processes consistency. To some it may seem a revolution and others it has been a natural evolution. For individuals and organisations already using hosted CRM services, it’s been a bit like your first ever online purchase: once you've clicked, made your transaction and received your goods without having to leave home; you’ve become a convert.

With businesses needing to access information while on the move, these cloud-based solutions make sense. Hosted CRM services deliver that same simplified, consistent company-wide experience. Better still, because they are software, they are always kept up to date and are in tune with the ever changing and evolving marketplace.

The compelling competitive advantage that cloud-based services offer is derived from enhanced business collaboration and value – differentiating you from your competitors. Standing still and doing nothing is no longer an option.

Here at swcomms, we deliver value and the tailored services to enable businesses to realise their potential through cloud hosted solutions, thus enabling our clients to consistently keep efficient pace and in tune with the latest cloud and hosted CRM services.

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Posted by
Tony Watkins on 12/11/2015

Tony is one of our sales account managers.

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