Avoid patchy coverage with multi-net mobiles
Posted by Jack Smiddy on 29/10 at 10:00 AM Mobiles,
Multi-net mobiles for not-spots

The UK’s four main mobile phone companies and the Government have unveiled a £1 billion plan to eliminate so-called mobile ‘not-spots’ in rural areas.


Currently, one third of the UK has patchy or non-existent mobile phone coverage.


The proposed Government deal with EE, O2, Three and Vodafone promises to get 4G coverage to 95% of the UK by 2025 by investing in and sharing new and existing phone masts.


It is estimated that an additional 280,000 homes and businesses and 16,000km of roads will have coverage.


The plan represents a delay on the Government’s original 2017 pledge to achieve 95% coverage by 2022. Under those proposals, ministers threatened to impose a system of national roaming in ‘not-spots’, a move the mobile phone companies said would deter new investment.


This is an issue my colleague Charlotte Barlow highlighted in a blog last year - Multi-net mobiles make sense when carriers experience issues - when O2 suffered a widescale issue with their network and their customers found they could not make or receive calls.


At the time, Charlotte queried why we could not roam for a mobile network in the same way we do when we go overseas. It seems the big mobile phone companies are not keen on the UK offering this roaming service but that does not mean people cannot take this issue into their own hands.


The technology does exist, and our devices are clearly set up to be able to do this. swcomms has been supplying multi-net contracts to business users for several years now. If the primary carrier suffers issues or there is no signal, the devices will simply use the next available network.


This is an ideal situation for business users who rely on their mobile devices as their main form of communication, especially for people who do not work at a desk all day or for businesses that no longer use landlines and desk phones.


Multi-net contracts seek out the best signal in a ‘not-spot’, so people can more readily rely on their mobiles wherever they are working…at least until this proposed plan becomes a reality.


If you would like further advice on your business mobiles, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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