Avoid throttling your productivity with out-of-date hardware
Posted by Richard Wareham on 10/05 at 10:00 AM Data networks,
Avoid throttling your productivity with out-of-date hardware

Your business may have invested in a fast, resilient, private leased line connection but if your in-house IT infrastructure is ageing, you will not be benefiting from its full throughput.


Your IT infrastructure or local area network (LAN) is made up of switches, routers, firewalls and access points that connect your desktop and wireless devices to your internet connection as well as to on-site servers and other equipment, such as printers.


Like any IT equipment, your LAN has a finite shelf-life. Anything move than five years old may no longer be supported by the manufacturer and may not be able to be fixed by suppliers like us if anything goes wrong.


Throughput speeds
Indeed, your hardware may appear to work perfectly well, but its age means it will not be working as efficiently. For instance, if your old switches give you 10/100Mbps throughput, you will be missing out on the gigabit speeds of modern IT infrastructure. In basic terms, accessing files on your servers could be taking 10 times longer than it should!


Not giving your staff the ability to use their devices at these modern-day speeds will mean your business is being less productive. We have all been frustrated with our PCs when it takes a perceived age to open a document. Add all these lost seconds together – and remove all the frustration – and staff will be able to complete more tasks with ease.


Critical security updates
Productivity aside, there is also a more critical reason for ensuring your LAN has not entered its end of life phase and that is ongoing support. A supported IT infrastructure will benefit from firmware updates and patches that are sent down or automatically applied by the manufacturer to protect your network from the latest security threats.


New cyber threats – malware, ransomware, phishing, etc. – are being created by hackers every day and these patches help protect your network and the devices that use it from being infected by malicious or mischievous viruses or data-collecting invasion. These can both bring a business to a standstill or seriously damage your reputation if your services are unavailable or customer data has been breached.


A LAN’s components must not become the forgotten elements of an IT upgrade plan. It is the backbone of any business and needs attention.


If you need advice on whether your LAN needs upgrading, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Richard Wareham on 10/05/2019

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