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Boost brand loyalty with a Facebook check-in initiated WiFi solution

Posted by David Brace on 24/10 at 07:56 PM Hospitality, Data networks, Internet connectivity, Internet connectivity,
Get your customers to check in to use your WiFi image

As businesses try to get to grips with using social media as part of their marketing campaigns, the creation of brand loyalty can be helped along with a corporate WiFi solution that is accessed via the Facebook check-in process.

Many businesses will have already invested in WiFi Internet connectivity in the last decade to link laptops, smartphones and tablets to the corporate network, as well as enabling DECT handsets, headsets, printers, etc.

In addition, most companies will also provide guest WiFi for visiting clients as it has become a utility which everyone has come to rely upon and therefore expects.

This is most obviously apparent in the hospitality and tourism industries where customer service is a must and desired facilities include WiFi access.

While some businesses may grumble at the cost of installing WiFi solutions that are capable of supporting multiple guests, there is a way of reaping a long-term social media return.

Businesses that offer free WiFi often force users to enter their details on a splash page to not only identify them but to also capture their email addresses for future marketing campaigns.

Some solutions go even further than that and prompt your guests to use your Facebook check-in process to connect to WiFi networks. Your company Facebook page is the splash page they check into, and by doing so, all their Facebook contacts can see they have visited your business.  This creates immediate brand awareness, which is especially useful if you are a restaurant, hotel, etc.

In addition, any updates posted by your customers while they are using your WiFi solution will promote your business even further via virtual word-of-mouth.

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David Brace on 24/10/2014

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