Broadband: Internet connectivity not suited to business demands
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Our reliance on the Internet is total and we need it to ensure it remains up and running every working day. So why do businesses continue to use a product that was primarily designed for the domestic market?


So why do businesses continue to use a product that was primarily designed for the domestic market?

Broadband Internet connectivity was designed to provide a large amount of information to a small request such as web searches asking for: “Where is the nearest petrol station?” or “Cheap holidays in Greece”.

But that’s not the way businesses use the Internet. Businesses don’t just use it for web browsing, but for email, data backup and links to cloud-based applications requiring serious download and upload speeds.

So why would broadband ever be considered suitable when it does not give you guaranteed speeds, guaranteed uptime or repair time?

In fact, more than 90% of the UK broadband network is serviced by BT Openreach with a service department that does not even have an escalation process. And if you broadband fails; it is likely to be out of action for at least six working days.

That, compounded by the fact that broadband suffers more engineering faults that any other fixed line products in the market, businesses know that when they lose their connectivity they are in for a stressful time.

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Colin Woods on 15/07/2014

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