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Business mobile users: how to get the package that suits you
Posted by Caroline Moore on 03/10 at 01:57 PM Large enterprises, SMEs, Mobiles,
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Bundles, bolt-ons, unlimited, pay-as-you-go – the choices are endless when it comes to mobiles. But what suits your business needs?

The ideal situation for most businesses is to source a group contract where the varied needs of all your employees’ are met.

You may need unlimited calls and texts with a serious data package for the busier members of your staff or for those who are on the road or work from home.

You may need a pay-as-you consume tariff for employees who rarely use their mobiles so that you are not paying for a bundle that you really do not need.

You may need a SIM-only contract for staff members who would rather use their own devices and therefore would rather have a tariff that avoids the in-built costs of the device purchased.

Whatever your business needs, you should demand a package that suits you rather than what your mobile provider thinks you should have. If that means a blend of different bundles and tariffs then it is your right to request a package that works for you.

But how do you work out which mobile tariffs and bundles you need?

A good place to start would be to assess the usage of your current workforce by checking through your bills or your mobiles advisor may even do this for you. Then you can ascertain which of your users are heavy or light.

While you are at it, it’s also worth having a device amnesty to see how many people are using their own phones and phablets while their business devices are gathering dust at the back of their desk drawers.

When you have all these details to hand, you can go to market and ask providers to tailor the most cost-effective deal and get the contract that suits you.

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Caroline Moore on 03/10/2014

Former newspaper journalist, Caroline joined the company in 2008 with no previous knowledge of the industry.

She set about stripping back all the jargon to produce plain English marketing collateral to support the sales teams. Now slightly more well-versed in the dark arts of voice, connectivity and data services, Caroline writes blogs, case studies, data sheets and social media updates to engage with potential and existing customers.

This industry is far cry from her previous working life when she worked as communications manager for Exeter Chiefs and Northampton Saints.