Choose an application bundle to avoid shadow IT in the workplace
Posted by Chris Wheeler on 24/05 at 10:00 AM Cloud services, Microsoft 365, Unified communications,
Choose an application bundle to avoid shadow IT in the workplace

Today’s world is filled with thousands of applications. Developers have been busy making our lives easier, more automated and more digitally transformed through different services that are accessible through mobile and tablet devices, not to mention traditional laptops and desktop PCs.


In among these creative applications, is the need to enable a single identity and deep integration with other systems, like email and CRM, so we are always expecting improvements and other niche ways of working with the tools that we have.


Another area of focus is the offer of various services in the form of bundles to boost value or to create potential partnerships with other software vendors. We see a lot of this with publishers, such as VMware, Veeam, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, and the other big players.


So what are the negatives to this? Well, there aren’t many. However, it has led to a lot of shadow IT in the workplace in the form of employees downloading various apps to help in their daily management. Even if all cloud and on-premise applications are ring-fenced and controlled, there are just so many!


In a previous post, we revealed that 13% or workers use at least 11 different applications every day to get their work done. Are 11 applications enough or too much? How many do you use? Take a moment to count and you may be in for a surprise!


With the release of Office 365, Microsoft has been doing a great job in offering various services such as email, Office apps, file storage and communications, as well as releasing new services such as PowerBI, Forms, PowerApps and, most importantly to me, Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams was designed to encapsulate all these services into a single window that results in less applications being opened.


Thinking about the list of apps I use, it addresses the following:


  • Email calendar
  • Instant messaging
  • Online meetings with audio conferencing
  • OneDrive for Business file storage
  • SharePoint online file storage
  • Websites
  • PowerBI dashboards
  • SharePoint Online intranets
  • Peer to peer calling
  • Work-based chat groups and collaboration
  • Document editing using Office web apps (documents can be edited using full Office apps if needed)
  • Bots for traffic reports, restaurant/hotel locations, etc.


All the above are consolidated into a single application for ease of use, time saving and availability. The list of available apps and services in Teams continues to grow. For most businesses looking to adopt Microsoft Teams in the workplace, a given piece of advice is to start small and to let ideas and collaboration manifest within certain teams first, slowly adopting more users into this new culture and then releasing new functions for testing and user acceptance.


You can open up channels for suggestions to let your employees be heard, create polls and observe how it drives your workforce to get an understanding of current developments. The idea is that an open and honest workforce drives change and improvement more effectively.


To arrange a demo of Microsoft Teams, feel free to reach out to me and we can show you how great collaboration tools are. We have other great packages, such as Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Rainbow and Gamma Horizon’s Collaborate, which can tie in nicely with your phone system. Don’t hesitate to let us know your preference and we will be happy to help.

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Chris Wheeler on 24/05/2019

A man with a passion for all things Microsoft, Chris has joined our team to provide exceptional levels of service in the cloud space and licensing projects.

Primarily Office 365 focussed, Chris comes with a wealth of knowledge and has worked with a number of large businesses on their cloud journey and software asset management lifecycle. If anyone needs advice or awareness about anything Microsoft related, Chris is the guy to speak to.

Chris is currently focussing on completing his BSc in computing & IT part time, and along with playing football at the weekend and learning Polish he says “It’s so good to get back to work on a Monday!”

Contact: chris.wheeler@swcomms.co.uk

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