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Convert to a converged communications environment and one bill from one supplier

Posted by Aaron Davis on 11/06 at 10:00 AM Internet connectivity, Landlines and calls,
Convert to a converged communications environment and one bill from one supplier

If your business uses multiple providers for your communication services, then you may be familiar with the pain of making a change to them.


For example, co-ordinating multiple providers can be a headache if you are moving premises. Not only do you need separate companies to move your lines and telephone system and to install your internet connection, you need to ensure they happen simultaneously.


If you employ a new member of staff and need to set them up with a landline and mobile, then there is one company to call to add a new extension to your telephone system and another company to sort an additional mobile phone.


Each month you receive multiple bills that all arrive at different times. The process is time consuming and frustrating…but it does not have to be this way. ‘Converged’ is a term that describes receiving all your communications needs as part of one service from a single supplier. This can include your telephone system, including lines and calls, your Internet connectivity and your mobile phone services.


Bundle up
Sometimes known as a bundle, converged services have the potential to save your business time and money when compared to a multi-provider solution. Many providers will offer a discount simply for having multiple services with them, with more services equalling a larger discount.


The blame game
Even without a direct discount, the time cost of managing multiple providers can be enough of a reason to move to a converged service. What happens if your telephone stops being able to make or receive calls? Your telephone system provider may point the finger at your internet service provider and the internet service provider may blame the telephone system provider!


With a converged service, there is only one company to call for support for any of your communications services. This reduces the fix time and minimises the impact on your business.


Stay connected
In some cases, converged services can provide benefits that are not possible if your communications infrastructure is supplied by multiple companies. As a converged service customer, your provider may choose to offer you:


  • Free calls to UK landlines and mobiles
  • Online portals to manage a range of different service features
  • Free integration between services (e.g. a call to your office extension could trigger a text message to your mobile)
  • As the next generation of telephony services evolves, these types of integrations could start to become one of the most valuable reasons to move to a converged solution.


Single invoice
With one provider, you only receive one bill. It is as simple as that. No more time waiting for multiple bills before you can do your monthly accounting. Even better, if you encounter a problem with your bill, you only have one company to call meaning any queries are resolved quickly and easily.


More for less
Moving all of your business communications services to a single provider can provide many benefits. A converged solution could allow you to enjoy:

  • Discounts for each additional service you have
  • Faster resolution of technical issues
  • A single bill with a single point of contact for any queries
  • Integration between your services

If you find yourself searching for missing communications budget at the end of the month or are frustrated by all the lost hours spent dealing with multiple providers, it maybe time your businesses converted to converged. Contact me to find out more.

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Aaron Davis on 11/06/2019

Aaron is one of our newest recruits, having started working with us in January 2019 as a cloud & connectivity consultant. He is responsible for nurturing our existing client base and helping potential new customers to migrate their phone lines, call packages, internet, cloud, mobiles, Wi-Fi and data backup solutions to our care.

Before joining, Aaron has worked across multiple verticals, including the online gaming, business systems, claims management and government research in the UK, Gibraltar and Spain.

Aaron has a keen interest in football, live music and action movies

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Contact: aaron.davis@swcomms.co.uk

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