Cost effectively connect offices with a point to point wireless link
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Cost effectively connect offices with a point to point wireless link

Point to point links wirelessly connect one building to another. This connection can connect servers, computers and printers, allow for the transfer of telephone calls and the sharing of files between locations.


If your business is growing and has purchased or leased additional sites or offices, then a point to point link may be a solution for you.


What is a point to point wireless link?
It is a wireless connection that translates data into radio signals that are transmitted via an antenna to a router which decodes the information before passing it onto the relevant recipient.


The kit mounted on buildings is similar to satellite dishes used for TV services. Most are 180mm by 180mm but can increase to 300mm by 300mm depending on the distance between the sites. There is little to no construction involved.


These links can offer bandwidths of up to 1Gbps over distances reaching 3km to support voice, data and video traffic. Smaller bandwidths of up to 300Mbps are achievable over much longer distances.


Point to point wireless links are a cost-effective alternative to leased lines.


What are the benefits of a point to point wireless link?
Unlike leased lines, point to point wireless links can be installed in a matter of weeks. There is no need for dig work which is expensive and time-consuming, especially if it requires planning permission and road closure.


There are no ongoing line rental fees once installed. With a single one-off payment, your business can benefit from a connection between office buildings or sites.


These wireless links are private, durable and reliable. No-one can accidently cut through a cable that does not exist!


These links are not shared so all the bandwidth is entirely for your business use.


You can also redeploy your point to point kit to new locations, as long as the conditions are suitable. Often, near line of sight is enough.


We use a point to point link to connect our own headquarters to Exeter Chiefs’ stadium at Sandy Park. The club’s telephone system and severs are hosted in our data centre and they access them via this link.


We deployed a seven-mile link between Ixora Energy’s remote headquarters to a radio tower in Stoodleigh and then with a leased line between the radio tower to our data centre, so we could provide them with uncontended internet connectivity.


If you need to link to another office or site, a point to point wireless link could be the answer. Please do not hesitate to contact me to find out more.

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