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Data centres give security in the place of empty offices

Posted by Colin Woods on 20/05 at 10:00 AM Cloud services, Data centre,
Data centres give security in the place of empty offices

Our working world has changed radically with one of the main changes inflicted by lockdown being that many of our offices are empty. One of the things we need to consider is that if our offices are going to be occupied less, should we be thinking about what is residing in the office, such as critical data?


Most offices have a comms room with servers that hold the lifeblood of our business...the data we all depend on. This data can include our CRM, customer and accounting information, details our HR department depends on, etc. This data is not just critical but sensitive too.


That’s fine when you think about the office as a busy place where our servers live and where our staff work, including IT support and compliance staff. We are now in a situation where the people who support our data may not be in the office. That brings up some security risks.


If the office is lying empty, perhaps it is not as secure as it was when the office was full for most of the day. Are we putting ourselves at unnecessary risk of the data and servers being physically taken? Are we risking a lack of compliance? Or are we risking extended downtime because our technicians and IT support staff are simply not on hand to maintain these machines.


Is there another option?


The most obvious alternative is the use of a data centre. Yes, we could transport our data to the cloud, but that takes planning and it can be logistically challenging.


Businesses can lift and shift servers to a manned data centre, which means they can be assured that they are going to be looked after in an environment with a stable temperature and humidity while being physically and virtually secure. If something does happen, expert support staff are on hand to respond to any issues.


Also, if your data is in a data centre, it is infinitely more accessible to your workforce who are trying to access data from home or from another location outside the office.


We end up with a win-win situation with the servers in the perfect environment, support staff on hand and far greater accessibility. Data centres today are more relevant than ever before.

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Colin Woods on 20/05/2020

Our head of business development and training Colin also likes to espouse the virtues of our data centre services, including co-location, cloud services, filtering, hosted exchange, traditional voice services through to SIP trunking, all aspects of internet connectivity and inter-site connectivity.

A Karate instructor for 28 years and a former UK squad member, Colin is little more relaxed in his spare time now choosing to walk his two dogs, Simba and Aslan.

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