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Did the pandemic run your IT support into the ground?

Posted by Lynn Hart on 17/05 at 10:00 AM IT support, Cyber security, Disaster recovery, Data centre services,
Did the pandemic run your IT support into the ground?

Many small and medium sized businesses assume they do not need a dedicated IT team to oversee their IT support needs. They may rely on a member of staff with a little bit more IT know-how or hire the services of an IT support company, often a ‘one-man band’ set-up. In both cases, reviewing business IT support services is something that is too often pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities.

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Why did IT support take a back seat during the pandemic?

We know the pandemic had a negative financial impact on most businesses. Many staff were furloughed or let go, while leaving or retiring staff were not replaced. My calls to businesses uncovered many examples of in-house IT teams that had shrunk, or support contracts had been reduced just at a time when the business needed a sturdy IT infrastructure backed up by trained staff.

The implications of the pandemic on IT support and spend

Many businesses saw themselves having to change their way of working with staff encouraged to work from home. Businesses that had put their IT provisions on the backburner suddenly found themselves with a wave of new problems, including but not limited to:

Unstable connections to the corporate network
Did your team have the correct equipment and software to maintain consistent access to your network? Did you have the facility to provide access for those working from home?

Unsecure networks
Was the correct security in place to prevent cyber criminals from accessing your network and stealing or holding onto ransom sensitive information on your IT systems?

Difficulties addressing IT issues remotely
When problems arose for the end user, these can prove to be a challenge if you don’t have an experienced IT department or IT support company. Rather than find a permanent solution, did you use workarounds to temporarily make the problem go away?

Lack of IT support
Sadly, the effects of the pandemic have pushed several businesses to close, and the smaller IT support businesses have been no exception, leaving their clients in the lurch.


Did the pandemic run your IT support into the ground?

Opening the door to cyber criminals

A crucial element to the health of your IT support system is protection against cyber crime. With the pandemic leading to a drastic increase in criminal activity, it’s more important than ever to protect your business from cyber criminals, hackers and scammers.

Official statistics* show that out of a selection of businesses interviewed in 2022, 31% of businesses estimated that they were subject to a cyber-attack at least once a week. Depending on the size of the business, a successful attack could cost anything from an average estimated cost of £4,200 to £19,400.

But despite the government issuing a guide titled ’10 steps to cyber security’, only 49% of businesses had acted in a minimum of five out of 10 areas.

What happens if disaster strikes and you find yourself without access to your network? Or what would you do if your business falls victim to a cyber-attack? Would you or your staff be able to remedy the situation or would your business grind to a halt with no immediate solution or backup plan?


Increasing expenditure on IT support and infrastructure in 2022

Amid the doom and gloom of rising cyber-crime, there are signs of IT recovery with 53% of businesses planning to increase their tech spend in 2022.** Digital transformation forced upon businesses to meet hybrid working needs has reignited IT spend to bring older out-of-support technology up to date and to shift to cloud-based services while still dealing with the challenges of people working from home.

Meanwhile, 40% of businesses plan to expand their IT staff with 52% planning for no change and 4% aiming to decrease their headcount. Enterprise business (more than 500+ employees) were more likely to grow their IT teams (61%) compared to 30% of small to medium businesses.

Our managed IT solutions

We understand that lockdown may have left many businesses with a host of IT-related issues, whether you’ve taken your eye off the ball while other concerns took priority, or you’ve found yourself with limited or no IT support in place at all.

IT infrastructure and support are critical to ensuring your business runs smoothly and securely and it is important ensure there are adequate measures in place where staff have opted to work from home permanently or have adopted a hybrid approach.

We can assess your existing IT support and security measures by generating a traffic light report highlighting any major issues that need addressing immediately, as well as less important projects that can be addressed later down the line.

We can advise on and provide support in these areas:

  • Data backup/system restore to limit business interruption should the worst happen
  • Anti-virus and firewalling to help prevent intrusions on your network
  • Web and content filtering to restrict harmful content
  • Hardware monitoring and upgrades with proactive oversight on your hardware to ensure issues are dealt with pre-emptively not reactively

If you need IT support or want to discuss your potential infrastructure requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

*Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022 - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
**Spiceworks Ziff David “The 2022 State of IT”


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