Discover the new Microsoft Teams Rooms updates
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Discover the new Microsoft Teams Rooms updates

In the last 18 months, we have adapted to remote working to keep businesses running and meet customer demands. As offices begin to re-open, there is a wave of anticipation as colleagues are reunited, but businesses are still investing in a fluid meeting experiences to provide the flexibility to choose where, when and how people work together.

Microsoft Teams has become a key platform, not only for its instant messaging and presence facility, but for its telephony and meeting capabilities too. Businesses are seeing the value in moving their telephone and conferencing systems to Microsoft Teams for its ability to integrate with Microsoft 365, the accessibility across multiple devices and now the latest update, Rooms.

Earlier in 2021, Microsoft announced its vision for Teams Rooms that allows people to collaborate in an immersive meeting experience that feels natural, whether they are in the office, a meeting room or at home. It allows individuals to feel included in the conversation with the ability to interact with the host or hosts, provide input into the meeting and collaborate without boundaries.

Front Row
Individuals can connect to all the attendees and support collaboration before, during, and after meetings with a new content layout called Front Row. The new layout moves the video gallery to the bottom of the screen so in-room participants can see remote colleagues face to face across a horizontal plane – similar to if they were in the same room.

All the meeting content is placed within Teams by components, such as tasks, notes and agenda, which are constantly updated. The meeting chat is brought clearly into view, so when in a Room, participants can easily see and engage in the conversation.

Intelligent speakers
The latest hardware and software updates to Microsoft Teams include enhancements to meeting transcripts, which are a great tool for you to catch up on a meeting asynchronously. In the past, transcription services weren’t able to identify or differentiate between speakers. New intelligent speakers, designed for Teams Rooms, and Microsoft’s voice recognition technology identifies who is speaking and applies their name to the meeting transcript.

Neat will provide a new immersive layer to the Microsoft Teams experience. The new hardware is designed to support modern hybrid working across home and office workspaces 

The new devices incorporate unique sensory capabilities which allow everyone to be seen equally up close. Neat utilises advanced AI with high-resolution sensors to focus in and individually auto-frame each in-room participant, instinctively following them as if they have their own camera person.

Microsoft Teams has been continuously adapted to ensure hybrid or remote worker can  collaborate and participate on an equal footing.

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