Do your customers feel welcome first time and every time?
Posted by Andrew Beswick on 16/03 at 12:47 PM SMEs, Telephone systems,
Telephone systems for small to medium businesses

Any successful business knows that good customer service is key to their success.

It doesn't matter what business you are in, a telephone system that enables you to handle incoming calls professionally, efficiently and rapidly can win and, crucially, keep business.  

So what should you expect from a modern telephone system?

We can give you professional advice on this, as we have been serving the needs of small to medium enterprises for more than 30 years.

You need:

  • A professional greeting system that welcomes all your clients.
  • Intelligent call routing to ensure the most relevant person answers the call.
  • Simple voicemail so your clients can leave a message with the most relevant person

These features may seem rather simplistic but it is astonishing how many businesses are struggling with an antiquated system and are therefore missing out on this customer-focussed functionality.

A telephone system is should enhance your customer's experience and your business along with it. So make sure your customers feel welcome first time and every time.

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Andrew Beswick on 16/03/2015

Field sales executive Andrew specialises in advising on solutions suitable for SMEs and public sector organisations.

A true salesman with a smile, Andrew joined us from Ricoh UK and has 18 years’ experience in sales.

In his spare time, Andrew is enjoying life in Devon having relocated from Leicestershire in 2013.

Contact: andrew.beswick@swcomms.co.uk

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