Don’t forget your IT and telecoms when relocating your business
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Don’t forget your IT and telecoms when relocating your business

Relocating your business is a great opportunity to review your IT and communications infrastructure to ensure your new office runs as efficiently as possible. New surroundings can inspire new ideas for growth, but growth can only happen if efficient technology is in place.


More than that though, you need to mitigate risk and maximise operational efficiency. From pre-move planning to post-move support, operational business impact needs to be kept to a minimum. You need to avoid downtime! You need a plan.


However, although IT and communications systems are critical to the smooth running of a business, many do not have the experience or resource to ensure that the relocation requirements are met.


A structured approach should be used to manage:


  • Migration of existing phone lines and numbers to the new location
  • Cessation of existing internet services
  • Adoption of new internet services to ensure they are operational from day one
  • Installation of new IT hardware, e.g. Wi-Fi access points, phone system, PCs etc.
  • Set up of existing hardware, e.g. PCs, printers,
  • Migration of any on-site server equipment or re-direction of links from off-site data centre facility to new location

To ascertain what you want to keep and what you need to replace, an audit is a good place to start. This will help you decide which assets have been hanging around a little too long. Have they reached their end of life period whereby they will no longer receive manufacturer support? Do you have equipment running old operating systems? If so, is this the time to replace them rather than lifting and shifting old hardware that you will need replace in the short term?


Consider your plans after the move too. Are you planning to grow? Is an acquisition on the cards? Do you want to open a branch office? Will you be making use of remote workers? These should form part of your relocation plan in case you need to pre-invest in new infrastructure or hardware to support these needs.


We offer a relocation service for your IT and communications hardware, applications and connections using our experienced team of project managers. We can offer advice on potential new technologies too, so you can make your move both a physical and technological one to boost productivity.


Trust me, IT and communications considerations are more important than choosing the colour of your new chairs. Don’t leave it to the last minute!


Feel free to connect with me and discuss any of your relocation requirements, also check out our guide on recolation projects

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Ash Khagram on 22/11/2019

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