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Don’t go too cheap and cheerful on your cloud-hosted phone system

Posted by Lynn Hart on 05/07 at 10:00 AM Cloud-hosted telephone systems, Microsoft Teams, Gamma Horizon,
Don’t go too cheap and cheerful on your cloud-hosted phone system

With Openreach’s ISDN switch-off now well and truly underway with copper lines about to be switched off in multiple locations across the UK, I have been speaking with a lot of businesses that are looking to take the plunge and move to a cloud-hosted phone system to ensure they still have a communications solution come the end of 2025.

However, I am also finding that a lot of businesses are opting for the first, or often the cheapest, solution that they come across in their haste to sort themselves out. This is often a box-ticking exercise to get another task off the inevitably long to-do list for any business owner. But opting for the cheapest solution often has pitfalls and it is important that when making the change to cloud-hosted, you ensure that you are truly getting a phone system that is fit for a modern business.

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Do you really cut costs with a cheap cloud-hosted phone system?

Why would you opt for the cheapest solution over something that better suits your business? I understand the last few years have been hard, and many businesses are looking to save money wherever possible. Tie this in with cheaper solutions offered on shorter-term contracts and subscription options, and it is easy to see why this would be a tempting solution.

In a similar fashion to mobile contracts, many businesses are now looking to sign up to shorter term contracts, or even opting for a more ‘pay as you go’ option when it comes to their telephony bills. But does this save businesses money in the long run? I would argue that it does not. Shorter term contracts lack fixed rates, so are subject to rises over time. What starts out as a seemingly cheaper option often escalates into something a lot less cost-effective. This makes budgeting much harder for a business as how do you plan your finances when there are no guarantees prices won’t increase?

What makes a good cloud-hosted phone system?

Cloud hosted telephony solutions come with a range of features that can revolutionise the way a business runs. A good cloud-hosted telephone system will include at the very least:

Increased line capacity

Cloud-hosted business telephone systems offer a significant increase in the number of lines you can add to your call plan, and what’s more, you can add extra users as and when you need them. This is ideal for businesses that find themselves expanding over time, or for those that have multiple departments making and receiving calls at the same time

Phone system access anytime, anywhere

With the events of the last few years, many businesses have adopted a hybrid working model. A good cloud solution should make this an effortless process, combining handsets with PC, laptop and mobile apps to allow staff to make, receive and transfer calls from any location, without interruption. In addition, any outgoing calls will still display the office number, so whether staff are in the office or working on the go, customers will be none the wiser.

Accessible and user-friendly portals

If a business is having to call up their provider and pay additional fees every time they want to make a minor change, their solution is not a cost-effective one. A good cloud hosted solution should include access to an easy-to-use portal that allows the end-user to self-manage their system so they can add new users, implement pre-recorded messages, amend diverts and so on.

Free calls to UK landlines and mobiles

By migrating away from ISDN to a cloud-hosted phone system, businesses can look to save money with free calls to UK landlines and mobiles. You pay for a hosted solution on a per-user per month basis, so not only do you pay just for what you need, but with ongoing support and software upgrades included, you save money keeping the system up to date as well.

Presales, deployment, training and ongoing care

At swcomms, we don’t just sign you up, mail out some handsets and send you on your way. Every solution is rubber-stamped by our presales experts to make sure it will work effectively when deployed. This often depends on the internet connection that will support your cloud-hosted phone system. For example, running it on the same fibre to the cabinet broadband connection that you use for your emails, web browsing file transfers and access to other cloud services will affect your call quality. We ensure our solutions are supported by an appropriate internet connection.

A dedicated project manager will oversee the deployment for you and will be your main point of contact throughout the delivery process. They will also organise training so all your staff members are comfortable using your new cloud-hosted phone system from day one.

You aftercare will then be passed over to a named dedicated account manager with a direct number and email that you can use to contact them should you have any queries. We hope you will build a good rapport and professional relationship with them, and they will take the time to get to know your business. They are backed up by our support team if you ever need to report a fault.

Don’t go too cheap and cheerful on your cloud-hosted phone system

Don’t get caught out by cheap cloud-hosted phone system providers

It would be easy to assume that all of this comes at a cost, and therefore even more tempting to opt for a cheaper solution, but you run the risk of ending up with an inadequate solution that will not meet your needs. If the solution does not offer above features as standard, it is probably best to avoid it. If these features are offered on a cheaper solution, it would be wise to check that these are not ‘add-ons’ that will cost you more money further down the line.

A cost-effective, cloud-hosted phone system

At swcomms, we believe strongly in offering the best solution to business needs with a range of options, including cloud service providers Gamma Horizon, Wildix and Microsoft Teams. We will listen to your requirements and tailor a solution to suit you to ensure you get maximum efficiency and value for money, leaving you to focus on running your business.

If you would like to have a no-obligations discussion about how we can help you find the best cloud-hosted solution for your business, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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