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Point to point links are the ideal solution for extending local area and wide area networks. This technology is often forgotten when facing challenges to connect to buildings on the other side of busy roads or waterway obstructions, remote locations, semi-rural locations or multi-site campuses.

Point to point technology is low latency and is suitable for voice, video and data communications between locations. These links can be configured for bandwidths of 50Mbps half duplex to 2Gbps full duplex.

Site surveys are relatively straightforward and a point to point solution is quick to deploy, but these are not the only benefits:

  • Pay a one-off cost therefore avoiding monthly rental charges associated with leased lines.
  • Negate the need for costly civil construction charges which can be associated with fibre leased line provision.
  • Reusable solution that is ideal for connectivity to temporary locations.
  • Ideal to deliver connectivity to ‘off-net’ areas.
  • Removes the logistical problems of rerouting cable or fibre infrastructure around hard to reach locations or listed buildings.
  • Can transmit over both short and long distances.

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Colin Woods on 22/07/2016

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