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The work place or office isn’t what it used to be: the hub of your business is now wherever your workers happen to be. With the right technology, they can collaborate with customers and co-workers anywhere, at any time.

Connectivity wherever you go

The adoption of smartphones and tablets allow employees to use the flexibility of mobile communications  to their advantage, completing tasks and sustaining customer relationships from almost anywhere. Improved connectivity and smart communication solutions virtually eliminate the time-consuming game of playing telephone tag and ensure full access to real-time applications such as instant messaging, presence and availability and calendar integration allowing your mobile workforce to prioritise their calls therefore bringing the power of an office telephone system to their smartphone, PC or tablet. This in turn boosts productivity and helps the overall profitability of your business..

The main benefits of mobile communications

Smartphone devices with a UC mobility application enable your workforce to:

  • Access real-time data and stay connected to customers and co-workers from outside the office
  • Co-operate as a single integrated team, regardless of whether they are sitting in the same room or working in different parts of the world
  • Close sales deals, solve problems, make decisions on the fly and respond to urgent requests more effectively
  • Boost productivity by keeping employees in contact with co-workers, vendors and customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction and service delivery by interacting with customers in real-time and with increased responsiveness

Collaboration is power

By using mobility solutions within your business, you can empower your employees to collaborate more effectively and care for customers in a timely manner. Visibility of staff can be measured utilising reporting tools or merely by monitoring their presence status. Making the user feel part of a wider team, no matter where their location.

There is a plethora of mobile applications and solutions in the marketplace which seamlessly integrate mobile workers into their company’s voice and unified communications system.  Staying in touch is quick and simple with features like instant messaging (IM) alerts, single number contact, internal extension dialling, as well as directory access to expedite work processes from any location.

Mobility solutions enable you to have complete control of your office communications, wherever you are. 

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