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Fighting the threats to your school’s network
Posted by Caroline Moore on 03/02 at 03:31 PM Education, Web filtering, Education,
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The stats on spam and viruses are alarming. They are even more alarming when you are trying to protect young people from the dangers that lurk on the web, which ultimately pose a threat to your school’s network.

Here are some of those stats...

  • 500% increase in the number of websites containing malicious code in 2013
  • 30% increase in web-based attacks
  • 125% increase in number of phishing sites spoofing social networking sites

And while it is crucial schools and colleges protect their network from the downtime and disruption caused by these threats, they also need to protect pupils and staff from viewing inappropriate websites and content, while allowing teaching administration staff to use the Internet with more freedom.

The solution to both these issues is web filtering specifically designed for the education sector. This has long been the domain of not-for-profit organisations, but now more and more communications companies are offering alternative professional, flexible but just as secure solutions.

The use of simple “Who, what, when and where” filtering policies should be applied to create access policies by user, type of content, timeframe, and location. This will give IT staff the tools to set flexible criteria based on year group, for example, allowing more relaxed access for older year groups.

Any web filtering solution needs to work across any wireless devices provided to students (even when offsite) and should also operate when students' use their own devices and are connected to the school or college’s wireless network.

Sources: Securelist/Symantec

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Caroline Moore on 03/02/2014

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