Five ways a hosted telephone system could benefit your estate agency
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Working in a busy office with a hectic schedule can be highly demanding for estate agents. From managing viewings to liaising with clients, solicitors, surveyors and more, your communications play a crucial part in the day to day operation.


Whether you’re a single site or multi-site estate agents, you’ll want the latest technology that provides you with seamless communication across your business and, more importantly, the assurance that you never miss a call which could result in a sale or an instruction.


Enter the hosted telephone system.


Estate agents are increasingly embracing this technology to boost customer service and collaboration between sites and teams while finding an edge over their competitors.


1. Working on the move
The likelihood is that you’ll have colleagues out and about on viewings and in meetings. A hosted telephone system is perfect for both remote and flexi-working, with staff being assigned a single contact number for their desk and mobile, therefore remaining contactable at all times. Voicemail to email integration also allows them to pick up messages when they have the time available.


2. Scalable service
A hosted solution can grow with your business. Whether your office is expanding or you’re adding a new branch – you can add extra users to your communications network.


3. Manageable costs
If your telephone system is in thecloud, you’ll save on the installation and maintenance costs which are incurred when keeping hardware on site. Consequently, you’ll be able to invest such capital in other areas of your business. You’ll pay on a per month basis, making it easy to control and manage your outgoing costs, while benefiting from inclusive call minutes to UK landlines and mobiles.


4. Business continuity that’s built in
If your office should experience a disaster, fire or flood for example, calls can be automatically re-directed to colleagues’ mobiles or other offices within the business. A hosted solution therefore provides you with a business continuity plan, minimising any downtime that could prove financially damaging.


5. Enjoy simultaneous calls
Need your staff to be on the phone at the same time? A hosted telephone system ensures just that. Don’t miss out on the huge productivity benefits this solution provides with simultaneous call handling across the business. If your office is unable to pick up the phone, the call can be directed to another site. Such features mean your customer service is always the best that it can be.


Is it time to leave your complex, traditional telephone system behind? A hosted solution is fully managed, easy to use and comes with a range of support options.


Call me today and find out how estate agents enjoy more efficient way of working with our market-leading hosted solution.

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Nick Pursglove on 04/12/2018

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