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Go SIM-only to save money on your corporate mobiles

Posted by Deepak Doll on 31/05 at 10:00 AM Mobiles,
Go SIM only to save money on your corporate mobiles

The cost of a new mobile phone is often wrapped into deals along with airtime and data costs, so businesses are paying hundreds and thousands of pounds a month so staff can get their hands on the latest handsets every two years. However, with most businesses looking to save money this year as energy bills rise, they could consider a SIM-only deal or, at the very least, look at an alternative supplier to find the best business mobile contracts.

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Do you really need a new mobile phone handset?

It is a habit many of us have got used to away from work. You get a notification from your mobile provider telling you that you can now upgrade, and we invariably jump at the chance of a shiny new device. The option to upgrade means you commit to paying for your new handset as part of your monthly charge, often with added interest. This model has crept into our corporate environment too but do we really need a new handset every two years? It seems we are prepared to sweat the asset with many other business communication tools, but not our mobiles.


Save money with a SIM-only deal

If you remove the cost of paying for a new mobile device, your monthly costs will be more than halved. Apply that formula across an entire estate of mobiles and you will end of up saving hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. If handsets have seen better days, there are plenty of repair services available to give them some extra life or you may even be able to get a replacement through a mobile insurance plan. It’s not always necessary to pay for a new device.


Have you considered a bring you own device (BYOD) policy?

Different people prefer different types of devices…and swear by them. By switching to a BYOD mobile management model, staff can choose and pay for their own devices, but your business provides them with the SIM. If they want to upgrade to a new model, that is then up to them. Some businesses give their staff an allowance to meet the requirements of a choose your own device (CYOD) model, so they can top up with their own funds if they want to buy a top of the range device.

Is SIM-only the only option for saving money on corporate mobile deals?

Mobile contracts suck us all in and we invariably just stay with what we know. It’s so easy to roll your contract…often just a few clicks on an app having been lured by the offer of new handset! By refreshing your device, you end up signing a new contract and the billing cycle continues for another two years. A survey revealed that nearly 40% of mobile phone users have not changed providers in five or more years, even though they could almost certainly find a better deal elsewhere. Corporate mobile users need to take control of their device management and shop around with prices increasing this year.

How do I save money on my corporate mobiles?

Go SIM-only

This does not have to be long-term; maybe just a year to get the most from your existing devices or just long enough to get you out of your contract with your current provider.

Consider BYOD

Pass the cost of the most up-to-date devices onto your staff. Some of them may not want to change and are happy with their current model. You are still paying for their airtime and data use.

Buy your devices outright

If the tech you offer your staff is part of their package, then buy your devices outright to avoid incurring interest or make sure you are not paying any interest if you need to pay monthly.

Change provider

By holding off on upgrading to new devices, when you are out of contract you are in powerful negotiation position, especially if you are looking for someone to take over your corporate fleet of mobiles. Get a better deal in terms of cost or the airtime and data package, so you stop incurring charges outside your tariff. Don’t worry about losing your mobile numbers, these can be switched between providers without having to call your incumbent and be bombarded with dissuasion sales techniques!

Try an independent reseller

We often turn to the big four - EE, Virgin Media 02, Vodafone and Three – for our mobile packages, but businesses can often get better deals by going to an independent reseller, like us, that scan all the deals available and come back to you with best tariff for your usage.

If you want us to help you find a better deal for your business phone plans, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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