Greet your customers no matter what time they call
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Greet your customers no matter what time they call

Day mode - night mode. Office hours - out of office hours. Whatever you want to call it, these pre-programmed sets of rules for your telephone system could be a huge asset for your business.


What is day/night mode and how does it work?
Day/night mode gives you two ways of dealing with calls no matter when your customers contact you.


With both day and night modes, you can use an automated attendant whereby callers are always greeted with a recorded welcome message. During the day, this message can go something like: “Press one to speak to the finance department, press two to speak to HR, hold the line to speak to reception,” etc.


At night, the message could simply give an out-of-hours number to call instead, divert to an on-call mobile, broadcast a message relaying when the business will reopen, or connect to voicemail. 


Day or night, the welcome message can be recorded remotely if unexpected situations arise, such as when there is heavy snowfall overnight and staff cannot get into the office the next day.


What are the benefits?
Using the day/night mode functionality can significantly improve your customers’ experience, even before you answer their call. Every call is greeted professionally before being directed to the most appropriate member of staff. Nobody likes to be left waiting on a phone line that just keeps ringing or being met by the engaged tone.


The automated attendant is a key assist to office staff, saving both theirs and the caller’s time.


You can pre-record a choice of messages and have them stored ready for use to give your business effortless and efficient call handling no matter what happens.


If your business offers any out-of-hours emergency services, like Filham Park Veterinary Clinic - the subject of a recent case study of ours – then day/night mode is ideal. The clinic offers an emergency service after hours and calls are automatically diverted to the on-call vet’s mobile so potentially distressed pet owners do not have to re-dial a separate number


What should you do now?
If this a feature you would like to implement for your business? Get in touch today and our experts would be happy to help you improve your call handling efficiency.

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