Help retain GP surgery patients with communications technology
Posted by Laurie Coleman on 19/02 at 10:00 AM Healthcare,
Help retain GP surgery patients with communications technology

GP surgeries are battling against competition from healthcare apps, like GP at Hand, so they need to make sure they offer a top quality service to avoid losing funding when their patients swap to an online service.


While good GPs are key to a thriving surgery, a patient’s experience usually starts with a telephone call to make an appointment. This is where communications technology can help. Courteous and informed conversations are key to effective handling of patient queries and booking appointments.


These can be facilitated with contact management solutions that are integrated with telephone systems and patient management software, such as EMIS, SystmOne and Vision Health.


Too much tech-speak? Let’s break it down a bit.


All these elements combined means your patient’s name and contact details pop-up in a window on your receptionist’s PC as a call comes in. When the call is answered, the patient’s age, date of birth and gender is also displayed to help your receptionist verify the caller’s identity. Then, with one click, your receptionist can open their record. If the calling number is unknown, it is automatically captured to update the patient’s record.


With these tools in place, your receptionists’ jobs will become easier, even at the busiest times of the day...typically first thing in the morning. If you can manage these incoming calls politely and quickly, they should get through more conversations in less time, which will mean patients are not waiting for as long.


To make sure your receptionists can see how they are doing, live call analytics and a big screen or wallboard can be used as a visual guide. They will be able to view how many calls are waiting to be answered in real time. Statistics can also be collated to plan staffing levels and to ensure GP surgeries have the available line capacity and telephone system extensions to answer all the calls coming in.


Similarly, outgoing calls can be made via on-screen, click-to-dial functionality. This is particularly helpful for GPs carrying out telephone consultations or triage. Staff can also send text messages and manage replies from patients.


This means GP surgeries can offer improved patient access to compete against app-based services that offer video consultations. Patients can attend appointments in the comfort of their own home via a telephone call.


These calls can be recorded to protect both the GP and patient in the event of a dispute or to check on details of a consultation. These recordings are automatically stored and can be easily retrieved to play or share.


All this technology has been designed with GP surgeries in mind to improve both the patient and staff experience. It can be integrated with most modern telephone systems and patient management software solutions.


If you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me by email, health@swcomms.co.uk or call us free on 0800 054 6789.

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Laurie Coleman on 19/02/2019

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