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How will your business use SIP?
Posted by Paul Marshall on 14/07 at 11:48 AM SIP,

Businesses across the UK are choosing to migrate to SIP as way of saving money on their phone bills, but for others, the flexible disaster recovery (DR) solutions it offers is just as attractive.

For many companies, cost savings can be achieved by using existing connectivity, or even investing in upgraded connectivity, to be able to use a SIP service in the place of ISDN or PSTN. The inclusive call bundles from SIP suppliers provide thousands of minutes to landlines in the UK and, depending on the package you choose, mobiles too.

But for other businesses, SIP provides a much more efficient way of remaining contactable to their customers in the event of a disaster. On current ISDN services, it can take an age to set up a divert. It can take another age to get the divert removed! And on an ISDN line, these diverts can only be directed to one number per channel.

If you are a business that relies on incoming calls, those hours offline can prove very costly. Many customers will simply move onto the next supplier to meet their needs. They are unlikely to hang around to wait for your lines to be fixed or may assume the number no longer works or the business has closed.

Activating a divert on a SIP service takes a matter of minutes and one channel can be diverted to 150 numbers, including mobiles. Seems rather excessive but this is a clear indication of the true flexibility of SIP’s DR capabilities.

In fact, SIP can be set up to automatically divert to a nominated number in the event the channel fails, so your business would not experience any downtime at all.

It may be that your business is not big enough as yet to experience the extraordinary cost savings offered by SIP but the cost of any business lost due to a line failure may be a comparable consideration.

If you need DR, SIP is well worth a look.

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Paul Marshall on 14/07/2015

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