Improving communications in the manufacturing industry
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In today’s highly competitive manufacturing industry, with global production, multiple transportation options and Internet‐based products, it’s more important than ever for manufacturers to continually improve their operational models.


With the latest unified communications (UC) technology, manufacturers can realise bottom‐line benefits by optimising their communications. UC solutions can provide quantifiable cost savings, while also improving workforce efficiency, increasing employee productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Reduced operational costs
Manufacturing operations play a critical role in a company’s profitability. UC solutions enable manufacturers to simplify their network infrastructures, thereby helping reduce equipment, maintenance and operating costs. Advanced communication solutions over a converged network eliminate the equipment and maintenance costs associated with disparate infrastructures.


Collaboration tools
Production, planning and sharing are vital components of a manufacturing department. From product development to packaging decisions, the only way to complete essential tasks and keep operations flowing smoothly is to ensure seamless, team collaboration.


From the ability to access voice and email messages in the same mailbox to automatically initiating audio and videoconferencing, UC solutions simplify communication for employees and suppliers production, engineering, and management teams, allowing them to share information quickly, easily and cost-effectively.


Improved responsiveness for a global workforce
Many manufacturers have global, virtual workforces, making productive interactions between employees, customers and suppliers challenging to facilitate. Mobile communications and VPN options make it easier to reach the right resources the first time. Remote and overseas workers can be contacted on a single number, for seamless integrated communications and drastically reduced international call costs. Virtualised operations also support business continuity and disaster-recovery strategies.


Practical application of UC at Centrax Industries
swcomms deployed Mitel technology for Centrax Industries, a gas turbine manufacturer and turbine components supplier. Centrax employs 700 people including those working at their 10 European depots.


Their legacy telephone system was outdated, expensive to run and difficult to support. Reliability and resilience were high priorities for Centrax, as well as separate telephone solutions to promote the clear demarcation between their two divisions.


swcomms deployed two Mitel UC solutions to the gas turbine and turbine components divisions, using the resilience and reliable virtualised server environments and LANs already in place. They also provided advanced VoIP telephony functionality to more than 650 users on site as well as integrating its 100 global mobile users via a cost-effective smartphone app which cost-effectively met the mobile needs of its European workers.


The Mitel solution has audio conferencing and screen sharing capabilities to enable Centrax to work collaboratively with staff and clients throughout worldwide. They can share documents and have conversations through instant messaging, resulting in quicker decision-making and reduced travel costs. 


Centrax’s two divisions share a commonality of reliable solutions and flexible functionality but the two are clearly autonomous and independently managed.

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