Improving the paperless classroom experience with the Surface
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Improving the paperless classroom experience with the Surface

Student progress is greatly influenced by their teacher. Through various methods of learning, they can help create good outcomes.


In this way, the classroom is like the workplace. When an environment is optimised, productivity increases, and the staff or students are happier. This isn’t just relevant to bricks and mortar and furniture, but to hardware and software too.


Cloud services have enabled our users to access their data whenever and wherever they are working and to have the latest and greatest versions that traditionally used to cost a hefty amount in capital expenditures.


Due to budget restrictions, schools have had to accept that these technologies would be available to them later on down the line, so when it came to preparing students for the world today, they were potentially two steps behind when joining the workforce.


With the growing availability of cloud apps for education at reduced costs, these solutions have closed the gap between schools and the workplace. 


Software is constantly evolving, but so is hardware and we must not forget that. The new ways of working complement the software we use, and it has shown real benefit in the classroom using the Microsoft Surface range for both teachers and students.


Let’s focus on the teacher. What capabilities are now available to improve learning outcomes?


Instead of standing in front of the class delivering lessons, wireless technology and apps like Microsoft Whiteboard and PowerPoint means teachers can now move freely around the classroom, using a Surface, so they can engage with students and be more available to them.


While presenting, they can use the Surface Pen to annotate, draw lines and shapes, highlight, underscore or click to move between slides.


If your school provides tablet or laptop devices to your students, homework can be uploaded for marking. The Surface Pen is great for marking homework as it can use a variety of colours and highlight options. No need to print the homework out, so paper is reduced.


The role of a teacher varies from day to day, so the ability to change working styles needs to be supported by their hardware. From travelling on the bus or train, marking homework, working from home, a Surface device is the perfect computing accessory and be able to switch from tablet, desktop to drawing pad instantly.


When working with Office 365, a Surface device is the complete teaching and learning tool and complements different learning styles. From the tablet-sized Surface Go to the portable Surface Pro, all the way to the powerful Surface Studio, there’s a device for any need to cover many subjects and uses. Up-to-date devices can also help attract and retain both staff and students.

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Yvonne Dennis on 19/11/2019

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