Infographic: Goodbye copper hello fibre
Posted by Mat Hillman on 14/07 at 10:00 AM Internet connectivity, SIP,
Goodbye copper, hello fibre infographic

Copper is on its way out. This means the old Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), including ISDN phone lines used by businesses, and all older internet connections, such as ADSL and FTTC broadband, will become obsolete.


Openreach is replacing these ageing copper circuits with new, resilient, super-fast technology made from fibre. The job will be completed by the end of 2025, but some cities, towns and counties will lose their copper services sooner.


All businesses need to prepare to future-proof their main forms of communication.


Please see our infographic below to understand more about the process, the deadlines involved and how you can prepare.

Download the infogrphic here, if you need any further guidance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Mat Hillman on 14/07/2020

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