Is your business suffering from poor Wi-Fi or poor internet?
Posted by Thomas Holtom-Hattersley on 26/11 at 10:00 AM Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi,
Is your businesses suffering from poor Wi-Fi or poor internet?

Nobody likes seeing the spinning wheel or turning egg timer that represents a poor connection when trying to load a web page. But is the reason for the delay over-stretched Wi-Fi or a poor internet connection. They are two very different things.


Wi-Fi connects your device to your corporate network and then onwards to the internet.


No matter how efficient your Wi-Fi access points are, their effectiveness will be dictated by your internet connection. If you’re using a single broadband connection, then it will be only giving a fraction of the connectivity it could.


Other factors that can also slow your connection are location and usage. If you’re business is in a remote location, then it's unlikely you’re going to have the speeds of a business in a city centre.


Same with usage. If you are the only person using your internet connection, then the full bandwidth will be going to you. However, if you have 100 people connected using email, browsing the web downloading files or using cloud services, then your bandwidth will be divided up between all your users. Suddenly your 100Mbps is down to an unpalatable and unworkable fraction of the speed!


If you are still using broadband services, you will also be at the mercy of how many other businesses or people are using connections offered by your internet service provider (ISP). This is known as contention and it can have a very serious effect on performance as, essentially, you are sharing the same service.


Fibre internet connectivity services are helping businesses enjoy better bandwidth and speeds while broadband will still be a shared experience . Leased lines are private connections that come with service level agreements to make sure businesses are back up and running as soon as possible following a loss of service. If you’re supporting 100s of users then an internet leased line will be the best option for you.


Don’t forget your Wi-Fi access points through! There is no point having a great internet connection if your access points are too old or there are not enough to cover your entire office or site. Poor coverage will lead to not-spots in your wireless network where your improved connectivity will not be able to reach your users. Likewise, if they are too old, they are unlikely to cope with the demands of modern device density where every employee typically has multiple devices competing for the access point.

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Thomas Holtom-Hattersley on 26/11/2019

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